S197 Mustang Hood Buying Guide

S197 Mustang Hood Buying Guide

Last Updated June 12, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

The S197 Mustang had three distinct mid-generational shifts. The first period ran from 2005-2009, the second from 2010-2012, and the third from 2013-2014. No matter which period your S197 Mustang is from, one easy way to alter its appearance is with a new hood.

Mustang hoods come in a variety of styles. Whether you want a new hood for performance or appearance, there are options for every build.

S197 hoods come in a variety of materials as well. Carbon fiber options offer durability and can help save a lot of weight. Fiberglass hoods are also popular. Though you don’t save weight, these hoods can be painted to match your factory color.

Here are some of the most popular S197 Mustang hoods by style and brand.

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S197 Ram Air Hoods

Dark Blue Mustang with ram air scoop

Ram air hoods are one of the most popular styles for late model Mustangs. These hood scoops function by creating small hood openings that gradually widen. This increases the pressure of the air under the hood.

Generally, you won’t see much benefit from a ram air hood unless you’re traveling at a high speed. This makes a ram air hood a perfect fit for racing S197s.

S197 Cowl Hoods

Light blue Mustang with hood pins and large cowl

Unlike most hood scoops, a cowl hood’s opening faces the windshield. As air hits the windshield, it’s propelled down, into the hood scoop, and into the engine. This brings high-pressure, cool air into the engine bay where it can improve performance.

This is the same principle that makes most hood scoops so great, but the cowl hood has one major advantage. Because the opening doesn’t face the road, it has some built-in protection against rocks flying in.

Cervini S197 Hoods

Bright blue Mustang with Cervini Stalker hood

Cervini’s has been making top-notch aftermarket parts for the Mustang since the ‘90s. Though they make a wide variety of external mods for late model Mustangs, their hoods have brought them the most attention.

Cervini’s makes a wide variety of traditional hood styles as well as distinct and unique ones. In particular, the Stalker Hood is very popular. It features one central ram air-style scoop with heat-dispersing extractor vents on either side.

Cervini’s also isn’t afraid to borrow inspiration from Mustang history. If you love a Cobra R-style hood, then Cervini’s is a great choice.

TruFiber S197 Hoods

Silver Mustang with black carbon fiber hood

TruFiber offers a wide variety of hood scoops in fiberglass and carbon fiber. Their fiberglass hoods are attractive and well-made, but their carbon fiber hoods have brought them their acclaim.

High-quality carbon fiber is durable, attractive, and lightweight. All features that are especially desirable for Mustangs that hit the track regularly. Fiberglass is more affordable than carbon fiber. Though it’s not as lightweight as carbon fiber, fiberglass will still be lighter than your stock hood.

TruFiber also blends together multiple hood styles to create unique looks. Added heat extractors or mesh grilles make their hoods aggressive and functional.

Anderson Composites S197 Hoods

Dark silver Mustang with large cowl hood

Anderson Composites’ hoods are made from carbon fiber and are strictly performance-oriented. If you’re looking for a hood that can completely transform your Mustang’s appearance, it’s tough to compete with Anderson.

Even their more traditional hoods, like a simple cowl induction, have a unique style. These carbon fiber hoods are infused with marine grade resin and are given a show-quality finish. This creates a sharp look to go along with the improved performance.

Hood Accessories

Some manufacturers, like Anderson Composites, recommend using the factory prop rod. If your hood doesn’t require the prop rod, hood struts can make it stand out even more. They’ll not only make it easier to work under the hood, but they’re much more functional and attractive than the factory prop rod.

Hood pins are another way to make your hood distinctly your own while adding some functional appeal. These pins will ensure your hood won’t fly up at high speeds, even if your main latch fails.

With a new hood and a few hood accessories, your S197 Mustang will look entirely different. By selecting the perfect hood for your build, you can also improve your performance.

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