2021 Mustang Colors

2021 Mustang Colors

Last Updated March 4, 2020 | Meghan Drummond

A new year of Mustang means new colors. Sadly, it also means saying goodbye to some of our favorites.

The 2021 Mustang has some of the most dramatic color shifts we’ve seen in the past couple of years. That’s partly because the Bullitt is retiring, taking its signature Dark Highland Green with it. In the Bullitt’s place, we’ll be seeing the 2021 Mach 1. Which colors will be exclusive to the Mach 1 or Shelby Mustangs is still up in the air. Sign up for our newsletter for updates.

Here are the confirmed colors for next year’s Mustang.

High Performance EcoBoost Mustang in Twister Orange

2021 Ford Mustang Colors
Twister Orange CA
Yellow Peel CB
New Color
Lucid Red Pearl D4
Formerly Rapid Red
Velocity Blue E7
Ford Performance Blue FM
Absolute Black G1
Formerly Shadow Black
Antimatter Blue HX
New Color
Iconic Silver Metallic JS
Carbonized Gray Metallic M7
New Color
Fighter Jet Gray NE
New Color
Race Red PQ
Oxford White YZ

New Mustang Colors for 2021

Antimatter Blue Metallic

We’ve only seen paint chips of this color, so it’s hard to tell what about it looks blue. In just about every light, this paint color looks black. It is a metallic, so it’s possible the metallic flake contains all the blue.

The “Antimatter” part of the name doesn’t shed any light on the color situation either.

It’s possible that we’re looking at another Mystichrome. Mystichrome, a color that was only available on the Terminator Cobra, shifted color in the right light. It was striking in person but hard to convey via paint sample.

Until we see it in person, it’s hard to tell what exactly is going on with this color. If it is a Mystichrome, it will probably be limited to special editions.

Yellow Peel

Who doesn’t love a yellow Mustang? For the past couple of years this bright hue has been absent from the Mustang. The most recent yellow was Triple Yellow, which was last offered in 2018. Yellow Peel is one of the lighter yellows we’ve seen for the Mustang, at least in recent years. Considering Twister Orange is still in the lineup, it’s great that there’s a lot of difference between the two colors.

The real question with this yellow is whether we expect it to be a Mach 1 exclusive. Something about the color seems reminiscent of vintage muscle cars, and it would be a fitting choice for the Mach 1.

Fighter Jet Gray

This gray looks almost matte in pictures. Matte paint options tend to be premium, so it’s possible this is another Mach 1 or Shelby exclusive. The past several grays in this color range have been reserved for the Shelby GT350.

The name Fighter Jet Gray calls to mind the origin of the Mustang’s name, the P-51 Mustang. Referencing history could mean this is meant to be a Mach 1 option.

Carbonized Gray Metallic

This dark metallic gray is certainly going to be an option for every Mustang. It seems that carbonized Gray Metallic is positioned to unseat Magnetic as the dark gray of choice.

This gray is darker than Magnetic, but should appeal to the same group. If you’re looking for the closest to black you can get without getting black, then this is the color for your Mustang.

Colors Returning for 2021

Oxford White

Oxford White has been a color option for the Mustang since the mid-1980s. It’s also been the only white offered during the entirety of the S550 generation. The only exception was Wimbledon White, which was brought back for the 50th-anniversary edition.

While Wimbledon White is more cream-colored and Performance White has an almost silver base, Oxford White is a flat white. This is great if you want a blank canvas to showcase your customizations.

Front view of a clean new white Mustang

Twister Orange

Twister Orange was introduced for the 2020 GT500 and has been a huge hit. Everyone loves this tangerine-hue. Though Twister Orange has more of a yellow base than the previous orange (Orange Fury) it’s still bright and bold.

Twister Orange looks striking with the GT500 accents, but it would also look good with the proposed exterior details of the Mach 1.

If Yellow Peel is a Mach 1 exclusive, it’s unlikely that Twister Orange will be as well. The colors are a little too similar for both to be designated for one special edition.

Front view of bright orange GT500

Race Red

Race Red was introduced in the S197 generation, and it looks like it’s going to run all the way through the S550 generation. This is the classic Mustang Red that people associate with speed. Much like black or white, this red is a great base for just about any modification.

Though it looks great with any package, it pairs especially well with the black accent pack. Black and red will always be a winning combination. This is definitely a favorite Mustang red, and one that may gain popularity through the years.

A bright red Mustang

Velocity Blue

Velocity Blue is a bright, rich blue. Though it’s a little close to the ever-popular Lightning Blue, it’s lighter. Considering the other blue shade available is “Antimatter Blue,” it’s great to have at least one blue that’s a saturated hue. This color is clearly “blue.”

Unfortunately for Grabber Blue fans, it does seem that all of the 2021 blue options are metallic.

A bright blue GT500

Ford Performance Blue

Ford’s Performance Blue has been restricted to the Mustang’s performance models. It’s probable that restriction will continue for another year. Though this silver-hued blue would look great on any Mustang, the name does show Ford’s intent for the color.

Ford Performance Blue looks phenomenal on the Shelbys. The real question is whether it will be an option for the Mach 1.

A muted blue Shelby Mustang with white stripes

Iconic Silver Metallic

Iconic Silver was another color introduced last year to replace Ingot Silver. Ingot Silver was significantly lighter, and the extra gray makes Iconic Silver striking.

You can comfortably order this shade without fear of blending into the commuter-pack. This color is interesting on its own, but still has the accessorizing freedom people expect from a silver car.

Front view of a GT500 in dark silver with black accents

Lucid Red Pearl/Rapid Red

This is actually just a renamed Rapid Red, a color that has already seen a lot of name changes. In this case, renaming Rapid Red would be a good choice. Not only is the name “Rapid Red” a little too close to “Race Red” it’s also just not very descriptive.

Lucid Red Pearl doesn’t quite get it right either though. This dark scarlet red is more subdued than Race Red and looks great in any light. Though especially striking with black accents, it’s a color that shines well on its own.

View of GT500 hood in dark red

Absolute Black/Shadow Black

Like Lucid Red Pearl, we’re not sure whether this is a new or returning color. Right now, the smart money is on returning though. Absolute Black and Shadow Black share a color code, and the names have been used interchangeably in the past.

The biggest distinguisher between black automotive paints is the metal flake inside. It may be hard to tell if this Black is exactly the same as Shadow Black until we see them in the same light. Right now, it looks like they’re probably the same color though.

Side view of a Black Mustang in the rain

Colors Retiring for 2021

Grabber Lime

It’s hard not to feel hit in the gut about this one. Grabber Lime was such a great classic shade. Restricting it to only a year feels like a waste. Not only that, but without Grabber Lime or Highland Green, there’s absolutely no green option for the Mustang this year.

Greens, especially bold greens, seem like a muscle car staple.

If you have your heart set on Grabber Lime, you still have a few months to order it. Otherwise, who knows if or when we’ll see it again.

 front view of Lime-colored GT500


Magnetic, a dark metallic gray, was introduced in 2015 with the S550 Mustang. Since then, it’s been featured prominently and has been very popular. In recent years, Ford has even included Magnetic details in many of their exterior packages.

It’s hard to believe this color is getting the boot. It’s possible that Ford decided Magnetic is too associated with the current generation. With the new generation of Mustang right around the corner, Ford likely wants to decide on their paint options early.

Those devastated by losing Magnetic should check out the new Carbonized Gray Metallic, which seems like a worthy successor.

Magnetic Mustang coming around a curve on a wooded road

Kona Blue

Kona Blue has been taken off the color options list and come back a few times already. It’s absolutely one of the best Mustang blues of all time. When Ford needed a color to offer alongside Wimbledon White for the 50th Anniversary Edition, they picked Kona Blue. While it may have seemed weird to select a color introduced in the S197 generation to star alongside a color that debuted with the Mustang, it fit.

Kona Blue looks perfect on the Mustang, and there’s little doubt that it will return. But it’s unlikely that it will return in the S550 generation.

Kona Blue Mustang with white Le Mans stripes

Dark Highland Green

In 2019, Dark Highland Green was added as a Bullitt Special edition color. When the Bullitt special edition was extended for a year, so was the color. In 2021, there won’t be a Bullitt special edition.

As much as we love this British racing green, it doesn’t look quite right on anything other than the Bullitt. Historically, the Bullitt has only lasted for two years in any generation, so it makes sense that we only got two for this generation as well.

Front view of a dark green Mustang

The 2021 Mustang

A lot of colors that were introduced in 2020 have already retired this year. If you have your heart set on any of these colors, you still have a little while to pick one up. Otherwise, it’s tough to say when you’ll see that color again.

It’s probable that 2021 will be the final year of the S550 Mustang. Will these be the colors that take us into the next generation of Mustang?

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2021 Mustang Colors

While every Mustang year has some changes in paint options, 2021 has a surprisingly large number of shifts. While some of this is likely due to new and exiting special editions, other changes may be in preparation for the next generation of Mustang.

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