2018 CAA Football Teams as Vehicles

2018 CAA Football Teams as Vehicles

Last Updated February 5, 2020

Now that we've released our FBS Power Five Teams as Vehicles infographics, we wanted to show our support for the FCS by featuring one of the top conferences, the CAA. Check out the comparisons below for our portrayal of each program as a different vehicle.

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CAA Vehicle Infographic

Here are a few that might need further explanation.

  • Albany - The Great Danes finished dead last in the CAA in rushing offense last year.
  • Elon - Spoiler alert: Elon games are a lot of fun.
  • Rhode Island - The Rams yielded nearly 40 touchdowns and almost 300 points last fall.
  • Stony Brook - 2017 was a big year for the Chevy Volt. Similarly, after toiling away for a few years, Stony Brook finally figured out how to win in the CAA.
  • Villanova - The Captiva Sports are solid vehicles, but they rarely stand out from the pack. Nova is a pretty solid program, but with four professional teams and an FBS school also in Philly, the Wildcats rarely get the attention that they deserve.
  • Delaware - When you think of former Delaware Football players, current Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is likely the only name in which casual fans can come up with. Coincidently, Flacco received a 2014 Chevy Corvette as an award for winning Super Bowl XLVII.

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2018 CAA Football Teams as Vehicles

Although the CAA is not as nationally well-known as the big-name conferences, we wanted to show some love to these East Coast underdogs. Check out the graphic to see our take on each of these team’s automotive equivalent.