Why Ford Trucks Are Better Than Chevy Trucks

Why Ford Trucks Are Better Than Chevy Trucks

Last Updated February 5, 2020

We’re having a little bit of fun here at CJ Pony Parts, and part of that is to compare the differences between Ford trucks and Chevy trucks.

Now, here’s a pretty big disclaimer. We carry both Ford parts and Chevy parts, and both are fantastic. We enjoy driving each, too. Some of us just, well… enjoy one a little more than the other. I think you can probably tell which one.

So without further ado, let’s take a difference at how Ford and Chevy stack up against each other when it comes to trucks:

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Ford vs Chevy Trucks


Ford’s logo is iconic, historical, and looks good on any color.

Chevy literally ripped another logo out of a newspaper and used it as their own. Oh, and the “let” suffix in “Chevrolet” is French and means “small.”


Chevy fans, how does it feel to have the most hated spokesperson of all time compare your truck to an emoji? And I’m sure those aluminum-bashing ads won’t come back to haunt you when Chevy’s completed the switch to aluminum.

Ford has some insanely cleverly-animated videos. Case. Closed.

Steel vs. Aluminum

Speaking of aluminum, Ford hopped on the all-aluminum diet and lost hundreds of pounds from its frame, causing other brands to run to catch up.

Chevy’s aluminum-bashing ads reeked of insecurity, and then quietly announced that they too would be switching over to the lighter metal. They’re just not quite there yet.


The F-150 can haul over 1,000 pounds more than the Silverado.

That’s… 1 moose, 2 motorcycles, 4 pianos, 5.3 people, 200 bricks, 100 bowling balls or 453,592 nails.


Ford offers 5 engines; Chevy is limited to 4. Try the Raptor’s 3.5 liter engine if 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque are your kinds of thing. Even Chevy’s best doesn’t come close.


The F-150’s interior has plenty of legroom, and soft, high-quality materials throughout. The Silverado’s interior is nice too, but has that glaring bowtie in the middle of the steering wheel, constantly reminding you of the poor choice you made.

Cargo Space

Ford’s bed is two inches bigger, which might not seem like much until you’re trying to carry something that’s two inches bigger than the space you have. Ford also has a whole slew of cool options, like the BoxLink tie-down system.

Fuel Efficiency

Let the numbers do the talking:

F-150: 26 highway, 19 city

Silverado: 24 highway, 18 city

Off Road

Two words: FORD RAPTOR


Both the F-150 and Silverado earned 5 stars overall from the NHTSA, but Ford has a slight edge in safety from the HIS. I’ll take that slight edge if it means a crash won’t make me slightly dead.

Critics Agree

Don’t take our word for it. Critics everywhere routinely choose Ford over Chevy when it comes to trucks.


Ok, that might have been a little biased, and maybe we got a little carried away. Both Ford and Chevy make great trucks. We just like one a little better.

Why Ford Trucks Are Better Than Chevy Trucks

From a satirical point of view, CJ's takes a long, hard look at the seemingly never-ending debate of Ford Trucks vs Chevy Trucks. From the logo, to the towing capacity and fuel economy, CJ's dives deep into the similarities and differences between the F-150 and Silverado.

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