Fox Body Mustang Parts & Accessories

Fox Body Mustang Parts

Fox Body Mustang Parts & Accessories

The long-running third-generation Mustang was first introduced in 1979 and remained, with several updates, until 1993. Based on the Fox platform, the new Mustang was bigger and more roomy than its predecessors and the third edition of the Mustang became the longest-running version and one of the most beloved by enthusiasts.

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Best Fox Body Mods

Fox Body Mustang Parts

Finding the right Fox Body Mustang Parts to outfit your 1979-1993 Mustang can be difficult. Whether it’s a modification or upgrade such as a Fox Body exhaust system or OEM-style replacement such as Fox Body headlights, fog lights, or taillights, CJ’s has a wide inventory of Fox Body Mustang Performance Parts and regular Fox Mustang Parts to fit your 1979-1993 Ford Mustang!

Fox Body Mustang History

1979 was a big year for the Ford Mustang. With the outgoing 1978 Mustang II built on the same platform as the subcompact-sized Ford Pinto, the all-new 1979 Mustang was a welcome change to the outdated, small, and underpowered second-generation Mustang.

The all-new Fox platform was a slightly larger, much sleeker car than the outgoing Mustang II. More visually European and less like any Mustang that has ever hit the streets since its debut in 1964-1/2. Surprisingly enough, the new Fox Body Mustang was 200 pounds lighter than the Pinto-based II, which not only increased gas mileage but also handling and performance capabilities as well.

One of the most distinct visual cues of a Fox Body was the “four-eye” arrangement of the headlights on the front of the car. Later to be redesigned in 1987, the solid headlight design was another unique change in comparison to the outgoing 1974-1978 body style.

For the 1979 Fox Body Mustang, there were multiple engine options depending on what you intended to do with your Mustang, much like they offer multiple options today. Engine options included a 5.0L V8, 2.3L naturally aspirated inline 4, 2.8L Cologne V6 and 3.3L 6-cyl. Also included in the mix was a 2.3L Turbo Four that later became the sole performance-oriented engine after the 5.0L was traded out for a more efficient 4.2L V8 for a few years.

In 1987, the Fox Body received a major facelift from front to rear until it’s last model year of 1993. With more of an “aero” look while retaining many styling cues of the Fox Body legacy, the all-new 1987 Fox Body design won the hearts of many. And even to this day, 1987-1993 Mustang parts are popular for those into drag racing or even parking at car shows!

Using Fox Mustang Parts To Modify Your Mustang

Depending on what route you’re looking to take your Fox Body Mustang build, there are a variety of appearance parts available such as body kits, grilles, hoods, spoilers, and much more. If going fast is more your speed, then CJ’s also offers cold air intakes, intake manifolds, exhaust and even superchargers & nitrous oxide kits for those big power builds. Let’s say carving corners is your thing; CJ’s also stocks upgraded bushings, coil over kits, front lower control arms, rear control arms, shocks & struts, much-needed subframe connectors, sway bars, and even air ride suspension options!

Regardless if you intend for your Fox Mustang to be a show car, track car, drag car, or combination of all three, CJ’s has the parts you need to get your Fox looking and performing at its peak. Don’t fret either — you’re not going to see any used Fox Body Mustang parts! All of the '79-'93 Mustang parts here at CJ’s are new in box and delivered right to your front door ready to install!

Fox Body Mustang Performance Parts

When it comes to decking out your Fox Body in go-fast parts, CJ’s has you covered. Carrying a wide variety of parts from things as simple as throttle bodies or an upgraded air filter to superchargers & nitrous oxide kits, you’ll truly be able to get the full potential out of your Fox in no time.

- Cold Air Intakes: Adding a Cold Air Intake to your Fox Body Mustang can surely add a couple ponies under the hood to get you up and out of the hole quicker, and really free air flow up on the top end. When your Fox’s engine is able to breathe better at the higher part of the power band, you’ll surely be able to pack more air in when your engine needs it most.

- Throttle Bodies: The next step after picking up an intake for your Fox would be a Throttle Body. Whether it’s a larger opening such as 65mm, 75mm, or even 80mm, more air means more power. Also replacing or deleting your EGR Valve will score a couple horses as well.

- Cat-Back Exhaust: Now that your Fox’s engine can breathe better on the inlet side of the equation, it’s time to free up the exhaust side by picking up a Cat-Back Exhaust System. Adding a Fox Body Cat-Back Exhaust Kit will not only give your Mustang signature pushrod 5.0L exhaust note, but also add a couple horses by using freer-flowing mufflers. With a variety of 1979-1993 Mustang performance parts, you can’t go wrong with an exhaust system from CJ’s.

- Long Tube Headers: If you’re going for a high horsepower build that will produce the best results when your Fox Body is at high RPMs, then Long Tube Headers are a must for your build. Adding a set of Long Tubes to your build will truly help the top-end performance of your pushrod 5.0L. When exhaust gases can flow more freely and exit the car with little hesitation, then that means more power.

- Intake Manifolds: Heading back to the front of the vehicle, specifically the engine bay, comes the Intake Manifold. On your Fox Body, the Intake Manifold is responsible for evenly distributing the incoming air (through your new Cold Air Intake and Throttle Body) to each of the eight cylinders. As you could assume, the factory intake manifold can be a restriction point when the rest of the intake tract has been opened up. Some people port their factory intake manifolds or purchase a new, free-flowing option that will allow more air to travel to each cylinder at a time.

- Camshafts: So, at this point, you’re pretty much full bolt-on. You have all of the relatively easy bolt-on parts on your Fox and you’re still craving more power. It’s okay, we understand! The next step would be to pick up a new Camshaft for your 5.0L. Adding a more aggressive camshaft can not only add more horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band, but you’ll also get that signature cammed lope at idle. Who doesn’t want that?

- Cylinder Heads: Lastly, without going forced induction, you can pick up a new set of Cylinder Heads. After the air follows through your now upgraded intake manifold, it’ll hit the cylinder heads before it goes into the engine to eventually create power. You can either port your factory heads or pick up an upgraded set from us at CJ’s for the maximum power potential out of your 5.0L Fox Body.

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