1979 Mustang Transmission Parts


1979 Mustang Transmission Parts

In the year 1979, Ford offered two transmission options on their Mustangs. Drivers could choose between the C4 3-speed automatic and the SROD 4-speed manual. The C4 3-speed transmission had been used in several Ford vehicles since 1965, and was also known as the cruise-o-matic. It continues to be a popular transmission among automotive hobbyists for modifications and rebuilding.

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1979 Transmission

The SROD 4-speed, on the other hand, was known more as a 3-speed manual with overdrive. The single rail overdrive transmission had a wide ratio gear box and wasn’t known for its ability to handle power. Regardless of which option you have, if your 1979 Mustang transmission is having problems, you have two choices: Either repair it, or upgrade it for better performance and handling.

Upgrading or Repairing a 1979 Mustang Transmission

The C4 automatic is often thought of as Ford’s most reliable transmission. Its simple and effective design also makes it the perfect transmission for rebuilding. To rebuild and improve your C4 transmission, you’ll want to upgrade these internal parts:

• Bushings
• Driveshaft
• Flywheels
• Flexplates
• Premium torque convertor
• Valve body kit
• 6 pinion planetary gear set
• Seals, gaskets and rings

However, sometimes a repair or rebuild just won’t do. If you’re disappointed by the lackluster performance of your SROD 4-speed 1979 Mustang transmission, consider swapping it out to a T5 manual transmission. The T5 5-speed manual transmission was used in the Ford Mustang as early as 1983 and most recently in 2010. This popular transmission swap converts the 1979 Mustang transmission to a 4-gear transmission with a fifth overdrive gear, and is a popular performance upgrade for both 6 cylinder and small block V8 engines.

1979 Mustang Transmission Parts from CJ Pony Parts

To get started working on your 1979 Mustang transmission, take a look at our online selection and find the transmission parts you need. At CJ Pony Parts, we stock over 100 different transmission parts, including:

• Shift improvement kits
• Full automatic transmission assemblies
• C4 rebuild kits
• Performance servos
• Bellhousings and separator plates
• Hydraulic clutch conversion kits
• Adjustable clutch cables
• 1979 Mustang transmission crossmembers and mounts
• Driveshafts, slip yokes and U-joints
• Clutch pedals, shifters, flywheels and flexplates
• Speedometer gears and speedometer cables
• Transmission coolers
• Valve bodies and kits
• Performance-built C4 automatic transmissions capable of handling up to 450 horsepower
• Ford Racing T5 5-Speed transmission featuring 300 ft/lbs torque capacity and short throw shifter

We have everything you need to repair, upgrade or replace your 1979 Mustang transmission. Plus, at CJ Pony Parts, our Mustang experts are nearly always available to answer your questions and point you in the right direction

. Just give us a call or start up an online chat, and we’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you need. It’s time to get that transmission taken care of so you can get back on the road and enjoy driving your Fox Body once again.

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