1992 Mustang Transmission Parts


1992 Mustang Transmission Parts

Do you wince each time you change gears? Maybe your classic ’Stang’s transmission simply isn’t performing like it did years ago. Or perhaps you need an upgrade from a 3- or 4-speed transmission to a 5- or 6-speed. And who could blame you? You got into restoring ’Stangs for a number of reasons, but the classic pony car performance is chief among them. There’s nothing fun about plodding along and doing battle with the stick each time you want to change gears. An original transmission can leave you with herky-jerky shifts or unrequited dreams of more speeds. The good news is this: You can upgrade the transmission in nearly any ’Stang and achieve everything that you want.

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  1. SW6429
    AOD Neutral Safety Switch Mustang 1982-1993
    100 %
    $21.59 Regular Price $26.99
  2. MS10
    Pro 5.0 Shifter Short Throw Tremec 3550
    80 %
    $192.05 Regular Price $197.99
  3. CK54
    SPEC 5.0L/GT/4V Stage 2 Clutch Kit 1986-2001
    100 %
    $376.89 Regular Price $388.55

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1992 Transmission

Large Inventory of Top-Quality Parts

Transmissions are complicated, but getting the right upgrade to your 1992 Mustang transmission doesn’t have to be. CJ Pony Parts is in business to help ’Stang owners just like you. Each and every day, enthusiasts from around the world come to us for Mustang transmissions and other needs. Because we know that this community expects the best selection at great prices, we offer a wide variety of transmission parts, including:

• AOD conversion kits
• Automatic transmission assemblies
• Backup and neutral safety switches
• Bellhousings
• Cable and hydraulic clutch conversion kits
• Clutch cables
• Clutch kits
• Clutch pedals
• Clutch release levers
• Cooler lines
• Crossmembers and mounts
• Dipsticks and tubes
• Driveshafts, slip yokes and U-joints
• Flywheels and flexplates
• Hardware
• Kick down cables
• Manual transmissions
• Oil pans
• Shifters
• Speedometer cables
• Speedometer gears
• T-5 conversion kits
• Torque conversion kits
• Valve bodies and shift kits

Nothing But the Best

You can do a number of things to extend the life of your transmission — changing the fluid and filter is a great place to start. But when it comes to completely restoring your ’Stang, sometimes regular maintenance isn’t enough to get your ride where you want it.

That’s why we offer an unmatched selection of 1992 Mustang transmission parts. We know that you don’t have time to search the Internet from one end to another to find the right part at the right price. We offer only the best Mustang transmission parts from only the best vendors. You won’t find better prices anywhere!

Browse our selection and shift your transmission from OK to fantastic.

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