1992 Mustang Suspension


1992 Mustang Suspension

Nothing ruins a spin in your classic ’Stang like bone-jarring bumps and shimmies. Let’s be honest: There are some spectacularly potholed roads out there. Let’s be problem-solvers: You do not have to feel each and every one of them. Your ’Stang has some miles and years on it. You’ve restored and maintained it beautifully, but some parts are feeling the decades of wear and tear. Your suspension is one of them. If you don’t spend time maintaining, replacing or upgrading your suspension, each and every ride will feel like you’re downhill skiing on a bumpy course — and that’s on a well-maintained road. It’ll be worse on rougher thoroughfares.

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  1. KONI Quad Shock Classic 1985-2004
    KONI Quad Shock Classic 1985-2004
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1992 Suspension

Nothing But Benefits

Replacing your 1992 Mustang suspension is a great way to smooth out your ride. Depending on the state of your existing suspension, you could need a few parts, or you might need a full replacement. At CJ Pony Parts, our goal is to be your one-stop source for all of your Mustang suspension needs. Our vast collection includes:

• Air ride suspensions
• Ball joints
• Bumpsteer kits
• Bushings
• Caster camber plates
• Coil over kits
• Coil spring saddles
• Front lower control arms
• Full suspension kits
• Hardware
• K-members
• Rear control arms
• Shock tower braces
• Springs
• Struts and shocks
• Subframe connectors
• Sway bars
• Traction bars

A new suspension can certainly make for more comfortable journeys. It can also make for a more stylish look or better performance. Many owners choose to lower their ’Stang, achieving that sleeker, close-to-the-ground look. A lowering spring kit will do the trick, and we have a number of options. Still, others want a suspension for a specific use, such as racing. Again, there are a number of kit options from a variety of top-quality vendors that will allow you to quickly and easily install a high-performance suspension.

We choose to offer 1992 Mustang suspension parts and kits that meet the needs of different ’Stang owners. We serve a huge community of enthusiasts who come to us expecting nothing but the best. In return, we offer a wide selection and free ground shipping on purchases above the minimum order value. We know that when you make the decision to address your Mustang suspension, you know what you want, and you don’t have time to wait.

Simple, Fast Suspension Shipping

Your aging suspension is nothing to be intimidated by. If you’ve been tolerating bone-rattling rides, or if you’ve been dreaming of lowering your ’Stang, or if you simply want a suspension that’s geared to racing or some other use, the suspension parts and kits that you need can be shipped from our warehouse today.

Browse our selection and do something smooth with your ’Stang.

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