KONI Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit STR.T V8 1987-1993

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KONI STR.T Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit for 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 Mustangs with a V8 Engine.

Give your 1987-1993 Mustang improved suspension capabilities with this impressive new KONI STR.T Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit. Comprised of components made with durable materials, this kit is designed to operate under extreme conditions. The suspension kit can improve ride quality and suspension performance of your Mustang while staying under your spending limit.

KONI STR.T Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit Includes:
- Two (2) Front Struts
- Two (2) Rear Shocks

KONI has been an industry leader of easily struts and shocks for both daily driver and show worthy Mustangs for decades. KONI equipment can be recognized by the familiar orange coloring that has been associated with their above average motion control and adjustability equipment. 

If you want to give your 1987-1993 Mustang a STR.Ts-car quality suspension setup, this new STR.T Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit is a perfect piece of equipment for your restoration or improvement project. KONI's STR.T Front Struts and Rear Shocks put all of their effort on delivering a high level of stability and comfort during long drives. A few key characteristics of this new kit include responsive steering, reduced body roll and a limited range in body movement. This effort is put in to keep the driver as safe and as comfortable as possible.

KONI STR.T Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit Features and Benefits:
- Fixed Damping Rate
- Improved Handling and Reduced Body Roll
- Greatly Increases Comfort
- Designed for Stock Height or Lowered Vehicles
- Bright Orange in Color

The non-adjustable struts and shocks keep mechanics as simple as possible while offering a fantastic performance upgrade from original equipment struts and shocks. You will experience improved handling and less body roll with KONI performance street struts and shocks. Fixed rate damping is based on KONI's years of experience with their STR.T range dampers and kits. These KONI STR.T dampers are easily identifiable by their signature bright orange paint job.

Upgrading your suspension with this direct bolt-on kit gives you a noticeable increase in handling and performance. Developed using KONI's twin tube technology, it is among the best suspension kits that is currently available. KONI has been the superior provider of suspension equipment since the day Carroll Shelby selected KONI suspension equipment for the original 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350. With over 50 years of experience creating superior suspension technology, KONI can easily tune dampers to provide the best possible handling and most comfort available for any Mustang application. Once paired with a premium quality set of performance lowering springs, your 1987-1993 Mustang will be a performance handling machine.

*Sold as a complete kit. Includes Struts and Shocks for both drivers and passenger sides
*These will fit 1984-1986 SVO, but they are not OEM replacements to the factory original Konis.
*Also fits 1979-1986 Mustangs, but you will require spacers.

KONI is known as being a quality shock absorber manufacturer. Their focus is high performance suspension damping technology. This company has evolved from a small local company into a premier multinational shock absorber specialist.

Buy a new KONI STR.T Front Strut and Rear Shock Kit for your 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 or 1993 Mustang with V8 Engine from CJ Pony Parts today!

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Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We all love the look of a lowered Mustang and for most owners though that means putting a set of lowering springs and calling it a day. The problem with that is the factory shocks and struts really weren't up to working with a lowering spring, and over time performance is going to suffer. If you want to lower your car properly, the best thing to do is get shocks and struts that are meant to work with a lowered stance. Our '92 GT here, we recently saw a set of Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs. We're going further improve the performance in handling by installing these KONI STR.T shocks and struts.

The STR.T are also commonly known as the KONI street or the KONI orange are an excellent replacement shock and strut for your 1979-1993 Fox body Mustang. These will work great with a lowered car. They also make a great replacement just for the high miles originals you might have on your Fox body. Both the strut and shock have fixed damping. It'll work great for daily drivers or performance cars. It'll give you a nice mix of excellent comfort and a high performance ride.

For this installation today, a lift, a jack and a pole jack, or a jack and jack stands, 3/8th ratchet, 17 mm socket, 18 mm socket, 19 mm socket, short extension, 1/2" ratchet or impact gun, 13 mm socket, 21 mm socket, 24 mm socket, 18 mm wrench, 21 mm wrench, 24 mm wrench, 6 mm Allen key and a small handler. First up in the process is to get the car off the ground and remove our front wheels. Then we're going to remove the caliper and remove everything else we have to, so we're going to remove the original strut. Then you want to safely support it out of the way. Now before you remove the strut, you want to put a jack underneath the control arm to support, because the spring cylinder and springs are under a lot of tension. Now we can remove the strut and slightly lower it down to get it off the car.

Now we're going to remove up top and remove the strut nut, so we can remove the strut itself. These are all the components from the factory strut. In our case they were after market, but these are all the original parts. We'll put the strut aside. Now normally all of this stuff with the exception of the nut, because it comes with a new one will be transferred over. In our case, we're actually installing Caster Camber Plates as well. We aren't going to be using any of this stuff here. All we're going to use is just the boot. In our case we only need the boot. We don't need this rubber part here. We're going to move this metal clamp and just keep the boot.

Now we're ready to put our KONI strut back in the car. Again we're using a Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plate. We're using our original plates. Put the factory spacer on her from the top. In our case we're using smaller spacer that work with the Maximum Motorsports parts. Now the strut through the bearing plate, same thing up top. Small washer, large washer and then the nut. The strut hanging loosely now, we can reconnect the spindle. The final step down here is to re- install the caliper. Now to lower it place, we can tighten the strut nut up. Then we're going to repeat the process on the other side and move on to the rears.

Moving on to replacing the rear shocks we're going to start off by supporting the rear axle itself, so you remove the bolt that holds the shock to the axle. Okay, I'll just lower the car down. Everything else will support it. Now we're going to go into the trunk to remove the top. The top shock mounts are under these covers. Stick a small screwdriver underneath and pop them right off. Sometimes you've got to move a little sound batting out of the way. You can see it sitting right there. We'll put our new shock up into place. Now put the new bushing on. Washer and then the new bolt. Okay, now you can reinstall the cover. Just pop back into place and move back under the car.

Now move the shock over, lift the rear into place. Okay, we'll repeat the process on the other side and your installation is finished. The KONI STR.T were the perfect choice for our 1992 Mustang GT. The fixed style in the use of the shocks will work fine with the factory springs. It works even better with the lowering springs like the Pro-Kit we installed on this care previously. The installation is fairly straight forward. Probably taking between two and three hours. You'll be back on the road in no time.

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