Redline Lumtronix Headlight Power Upgrade Harness For Two Headlights 1965-1973

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  • Ceramic Tip Harness
  • Fuse Protected
  • Heavy Gauge Wiring
  • Easy Installation
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Redline Lumtronix Headlight Power Upgrade Harness for Two Headlights for 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 Mustangs.

Have you noticed that your new H4 headlights appear to be dim? Most classic OEM harnesses won't work with your new H4 bulbs, so you won't get the full brightness potential because of the added amperage. Make sure you don't run into that problem by picking up this Headlight Power Upgrade Harness for Two Headlights from Redline Lumtronix. This harness will be able to handle the amperage draw necessary to get the full results out of your upgraded headlights or bulbs on your vintage Pony.

Features and Benefits:
- Adds Brightness to Headlights
- Endures High Wattage Bulbs
- Plugs have Ceramic Tips
- Eliminates the 'Blink of Death'
- Prevents Corrosion
- Fuse Protected
- Automatically Works with Existing Headlight Switch
- Has Heavy Gauge Wiring
- Extended Length Harness to Hide Wires
- Easy Plug & Play Installation

This Headlight Power Upgrade Harness is designed to endure higher wattage bulbs to add more brightness to your 1965-1973 Mustang's headlights. Each plug on the harness has ceramic tips so it can hold today's hotter lights. This will help eliminate the 'blink of death' that you may experience with a factory headlight harness. This harness is fuse protected and also comes with an anti-corrosive leap plated treatment to prevent any rust or corrosion from occurring.

This headlight harness has a simple plug & play installation with absolutely zero maintenance. Made with extra-long, heavy gauge wiring & an extended length harness, you'll be able to more easily hide wires in your setup. Once installed, it will automatically work with your existing headlight so you won't have to do any slicing & dicing.

Please Note: If you install this Headlight Upgrade Harness on a 1967-1968 Shelby you will need to modify the Headlight Bowls so the H4 Headlight Socket can fit through the Headlight Bucket.

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Order this Redline Lumtronix Headlight Power Upgrade Harness for Two Headlights for your 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

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Installation Videos

Video Transcript

As the regular viewers of our YouTube channel are going to know we've shown you a lot of ways to upgrade the factory headlights on your classic Mustang, including the H4 LED's shown here on our '67 Mustang convertible. The H4 bulb is going to be a lot brighter, and a lot safer than the factory halogens, but unfortunately it's going to draw more amperage, which can be an issue with the factory wiring. The factory headlight wiring harness on this car was never designed for that kind of amperage, and it's also over 50 years old, so there may be some issues.

If you've already upgraded to an H4 bulb and have issues with the headlights going out, or are considering this upgrade, we're going to show you how to upgrade the headlight wiring harness on your '65 through '73 Mustang.

This headlight upgrade harness is going to fit your '65 through '73 Mustang with the exception of the '69, but there is a '69 version available as well. Basically what this does, it replaces your headlight wiring, uses the factory wiring only as a trigger. The trigger will come off the factory plug here, which goes to a pair of relays. These new ceramic tip ends will go to your headlight bulbs themselves. It has a zone dedicated 12V power source, as well as ground, so it puts less stress on your factory wiring, giving you much more power to your bulbs.

For this installation you need a Phillip's head screwdriver, 3/8 ratchet, 1/2" deep socket, 1/2" wrench, drill, small pilot drill bit, and safety glasses.

You'll want to start the installation by pulling up both of your headlights. The process is pretty much the same for most of the years. You're going to pull off the ring, and there's a retainer underneath it.

Our H4's already have this adapter, which we're going to want to remove, and get back down to the original wiring harness. Overall the connections for the headlight wiring harness are going to be pretty simple. There's only four connections on the passenger side, and then two simple ones on the drivers side. The passenger side, this here is going to actually go to our headlight. This is going to plug into the original headlight plug, this little good ground, and that's going to go to a 12V store battery.

What you want to do is pretty much fish the harness up from the bottom. This can be attached to your factory plug, but if you've done so underneath you'll have to stuff everything back into the headlight bowl. The only thing really coming in the bowl should be this plug here, and then an RK is going to be a separate wire here with the four LED plug. We're going to plug in our headlight again, just to make sure we don't pull it down while we're pulling the wires through. You don't need to mount it yet, just leave it sitting there.

We're going to move up top now, and disconnect our battery before we start fishing our wires up. In my case now I'm actually going to take off the bracket, or loosen the brackets and battery, so I can slide it back, because I want to fish the wires up through the front. These are the three things I've fished up through the side here from the headlight bucket. I'm going to put them through this opening, put them up in behind the battery. This is where the two relays go, and this is our 12V connection.

I'm going to mount the two relays here, including the kit down here, but I actually want to hide them a little bit further down on the bottom. I'm going to pull the battery so we have more room. I'm going to mount the relays down here to hide them, so we drilled two small holes to mount them. The relays mounted, now we can reinstall the battery. Make sure you have your positive fished up towards the positive terminal, and reinstall the mounts.

We're going to scrape a small section behind the headlight bucket here down to bare metal, so we get a good ground. There is no defined spot for this ground, so wherever you can get a good bare metal ground, just go with that. Now we're going to fish the harness over to the driver's side. You want to stay towards the bottom of the radiator supports, and make sure you have enough wire to get it over there. Once all the wires are run, the grounds are done, we're going to plug everything in. You don't want to mount them yet, but plug them all in. You want to put 12-volts to them and make sure everything works.

Once everything's connected you want to install the fuse to the power wire; now let's try our lights. We're going to make sure everything works, turns on like it should. Now we can go back, hide our wires, reinstall your headlights, and your installations finished. I'm not sure the camera's going to pick it up, but in person, the headlights on our '67 are noticeably brighter after installing our new headlight wiring harness. If you install the harness with aftermarket headlights and still have an issue, make sure you check the headlight switch, because that could also cause an on/off problem.

As far as installation, figure an hour or two depending on how particular you are about hiding your wires, and you'll be back on the road in no time. For more installation videos for your classic Mustang make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check out, for the best selection of classic Mustang parts.

Vehicle Fitment

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