2023 Mustang Colors

2023 Mustang Colors

Last Updated June 12, 2023 | Nate Moonis

2023's the last year for the S550 generation of Mustangs before the S650 launches in 2024. To end this generation right, Ford needs a good range of paint colors.

Unfortunately, from what's been confirmed so far, it looks like we'll have an exciting range of grays to select from this year, with just a few standout color options available (including a new blue!)

Whether you just want to know what colors will be available, or you're looking to apply touch-up paint, we'll keep this article updated with the latest information, so check back frequently.

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2023 Ford Mustang Colors
Grabber Blue AE
Atlas Blue B3
Rapid Red Metallic D4
Brittany Blue EB
Exclusive to the Coastal Limited Edition
Shadow Black G1
Dark Matter Gray Metallic HY
Iconic Silver Metallic JS
Vapor Blue Metallic KT
Carbonized Gray Metallic M7
Fighter Jet Gray NE
Mach 1 Exclusive
Race Red PQ
Oxford White YZ

New Colors for 2023

Vapor Blue Metallic

It'll be interesting to see how Vapor Blue Metallic looks in person! This dark blue color looks a little drab in paint swatches, but that could be because it's sitting in between several gray hues.

On its own, Vapor Blue has a dark green undertone that should look incredible, and unique, on the Mustang.

A 2023 Mustang in Vapor Blue, a new color

Returning Colors for 2023

Grabber Blue

Not much can be said about Grabber Blue that hasn't already been said. Grabber Blue is one of the most iconic Mustang paint colors of all time, so it makes total sense to end the run of the S550 with this color available.

However, this modern version of Grabber Blue is a bit different from the original. It's a bit lighter and has more of a metallic sheen. But, it's still a very light, fun, and eye-catching blue. It's perfect for someone looking to turn heads on the street or drag strip.

Grabber Blue Mustang

Atlas Blue

A fitting parallel to Grabber Blue, Atlas Blue was just introduced with the 2022 Mustang and is likely to make a return. While less eye-catching than Grabber Blue, its darker and more muted quality differentiates it from the rest of the color options. This is a great pick for anyone looking for a more understated blue for their ride.

Atlas Blue Mustang

Rapid Red Metallic

The color red has always looked good on Ford's pony car, and Rapid Red Metallic is no exception. While darker than its counterpart Race Red, it has plenty of depth and the metallic flake means it looks great in direct sunlight. A set of black wheels goes a long way in making this color stand out. Overall, it's impossible to go wrong with this color.

Rapid Red Metallic Mustang

Brittany Blue

Brittany Blue made its first appearance on a Mustang since 1968 in 2022, so it's hard to believe that Ford would give it the boot so soon. It could be found on the Coastal Limited Package for the Ecoboost and the Heritage Edition of the GT500 in 2022. The Coastal Limited Package is expected to make a return in 2023, so Brittany Blue living on just makes sense.

Brittany Blue Mustang

Shadow Black

Black has always, and will always, look great on a Mustang. Not much else to say here other than I expect it to return for 2023 and be one of the most popular options.

Shadow Black Mustang

Dark Matter Gray

Compared to the rest of the grays and silvers in the 2022 lineup, Dark Matter Gray stands out as the darkest of them all. Dark Matter Gray is so dark that it almost looks black. I personally like this color, even though it's a bit redundant with colors like Carbonized Gray, it seems Ford is really dedicated to this gray vibe they've got going.

Dark Matter Gray Mustang

Iconic Silver

Iconic Silver is a very run-of-the-mill color that will probably be a popular option for Ecoboosts and GTs. Not much to say about this one. However, I do think that it can look really good and sets itself apart from other similar colors for the Mustang by being lighter than its competitors. This is a very easy color to make look good and simple mods like a set of black wheels can go a long way. I can't imagine it not making a return in 2023.

Iconic Silver Mustang

Fighter Jet Gray

Introduced with the 2022 Mustang Mach 1, Fighter Jet Gray is a popular option that looks good when paired with the orange accents on the Mach 1. However, without those accents, I think the color doesn't stand out and is a bit boring so it makes sense for it to stay a Mach 1 exclusive. The Mach 1 is expected to continue into 2023, so I expect Fighter Jet Gray to continue on as well.

Fighter Jet Gray Mustang

Carbonized Gray Metallic

I'm personally not a huge fan of this color. Carbonized Gray Metallic is a very neutral gray color that doesn't stand out compared to some of the other gray options in the 2022 lineup. However, Ford has made it a point to make this a common accent color. I'm sure this color is going to make a return for 2023, even though I wish it would be replaced with something a bit more interesting like Dark Matter Gray.

Carbonized Gray Metallic Mustang

Race Red

Introduced in 2011, Race Red is one of the longest-running Mustang colors to date and it's easy to see why. It's a very bright shade of red that sticks out wherever you go. Red has historically been a very popular Mustang color with 1 in 5 Mustangs ever produced being red. I see no reason why it won't return in 2023 and be one of the most popular choices for pony car enthusiasts.

Race Red Mustang

Oxford White

White always looks good on a sports car and Oxford White is no exception. One of my favorite special editions of the 2022 Mustang was the Ice White Edition for the Ecoboost and GT. An Oxford White Mustang with white accents and wheels, this special edition really stood out to me.

However, this color isn't exclusive to the Ice White Edition and will look good on any Mustang. As long as you can keep the paint clean of road grime and other dirt, this is one of the better-looking colors in the lineup and I expect it to return in 2023.

Oxford White Mustang

Colors Retiring in 2023

Eruption Green

A personal favorite of mine, Eruption Green was a standout color on the 2022 Mustang. A dark and subtle green in low light, it completely transforms when exposed to direct sunlight. With a sparkling finish that resembles jewels found in active volcanoes, it's an amazing shade that holds up to other iconic Mustang greens.

I legitimately can't believe this shade is gone so soon. Truly, an underappreciated treasure.

Eruption Green Mustang

Code Orange

Compared to other popular Mustang oranges, Code Orange stands out from the crowd. Code Orange is an impressive-looking orange-red that was just introduced in 2022. Commonly found on high-performance editions like the GT500, This color has major wow factor on its own.

Code Orange can also be found as the primary accent color on the 2023 Ford Raptor R, so it's even sadder that it's not returning for the 2023 Mustang.

Code Orange Mustang

Cyber Orange Metallic

Bright oranges, like Cyber Orange Metallic, always look good on Mustangs. In 2022, this orange replaced Grabber Yellow. It would be doing the final year of the S550 generation a disservice to not have a yellow in the lineup. I think Cyber Orange Metallic will end up being a one-off color and either Grabber Yellow or Triple Yellow will replace it for 2023.

Cyber Orange Metallic Mustang

Mischievous Purple

This one hurts my heart. Along with Eruption Green, Mischievous Purple was among my favorite colors offered for the 2022 model year. This color is absolutely stunning in direct sunlight and immediately reminds me of the 2004 Mystichrome Cobras and Midnight Purple Nissan Skyline R34 GTR's.

I'm an absolute sucker for a purple Mustang, but I think this color will end up being a one-off. Throughout the Mustang's history, purple has been one of the most exclusive colors and almost always offered for a year at a time. I'm hoping that Mischievous Purple bucks this trend, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't return for 2023.

Mischievous Purple Mustang

An Exciting Lineup for a Big Finale

I'm really excited for the 2023 Mustang and I think Ford will have something special in store for the final year of the S550 Mustang. While the 2022 color lineup was impressive, it was missing a few colors (looking at you, Grabber Yellow). With a few additions, I think 2023 has the potential to be one of the best years for Mustang paint colors in recent memory and I think Ford will deliver.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, as information comes out about paint colors for the 2023 Mustang, this article will be updated accordingly.

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