Crate Engines & Cylinder Blocks

Mustang Crate Engines & Cylinder Blocks 1964-2017

Crate Engines & Cylinder Blocks

If your Mustang is used for performance driving, or if it's just getting up in age, the engine under your hood might be less than adequate. While there are lots of performance additions you can make, sometimes it is necessary to just replace some major parts or the engine itself with new Mustang Crate Engines & Cylinder Blocks. CJ Pony Parts has a wide selection, so make your pick and order now.

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Crate Engines & Cylinder Blocks

Sometimes your Mustang engine isn't up to task anymore. It could be due to a mechanical problem, or it could just be too underpowered for how you're planning to drive your Mustang. In either situation, one of CJ's Mustang crate engines & cylinder heads could be your solution.

At CJ Pony Parts, we have 5.0 Mustang engines for sale that are the perfect performance replacements for your ‘Stang. Replacing your car’s engine with a 5.0 delivers the horsepower and drive you’ve always wanted from your favorite ride in one convenient package.

Sometimes, with performance driving, the engine is powerful enough, but it's the Mustang cylinder blocks that aren't able to handle all of the power that the engine is putting out. This issue with Mustang cylinder blocks is especially a problem in situations where Mustang Superchargers & Nitrous Oxide Kits are added, which can put out much more power than the Mustang cylinder blocks can handle. If you warp or crack your Mustang cylinder blocks or just want to make sure they can handle the power your Mustang is putting out, replace it with new parts from CJ Pony Parts.

Ford Racing Mustang Cylinder Blocks

Replacing Mustang cylinder blocks is definitely an option that many owners of newer Mustangs consider. These are Mustang owners that have a Mustang equipped with a pretty powerful engine from the factory, or ones with an engine that can easily accept many power adding modifications. Oftentimes it's necessary to replace the Mustang cylinder blocks to handle the power that those modifications add, so these owners can avoid damaging the engine. Owners of 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Mustang GTs are often especially fond of modifying the Coyote 5.0L V8 to get more power out of an already very powerful engine, which requires the replacement of the Mustang cylinder blocks, and CJ Pony Parts is the place to find 5.0 Mustang engines for sale.

Ford Racing Mustang Crate Engines

Meanwhile, if the engine in your Mustang is woefully inadequate and no amount of upgrades are going to give it the performance it needs, it might be time to consider one of CJ Pony Parts' Mustang crate engines. Any one of CJ's Mustang crate engines can allow your Mustang to get a big performance boost and a brand new motor, which can last for hundreds of thousands of miles. These Mustang crate engines are available for any Mustang on the road, too, allowing any order to get a big power boost. Choose from Mustang crate engines with a Mustang carburetor, based on classic Mustang engine designs, yet with increased performance, or choose from Mustang crate engines with fuel injection and are based on today's modern engine technology, offering major power boosts. Any one of the Mustang crate engines can be a perfect fit for your Mustang.

While Mustang cylinder block replacement is typically for newer Mustangs, the new Mustang crate engine tends to happen more in older Mustangs. Classic Mustangs, like the 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, and 1968 models, may have very underpowered and worn out engines, and, many times, an owner chooses to pursue an upgraded Mustang crate engine instead of trying to repair the existing motor. This could even apply to your early model F-100 as well! For these upgrades, owners can choose from modern engines, like the Coyote 5.0L V8, or from classically designed engines like the Windsor V8s that were popular years ago. While it can be a difficult decision to choose a Mustang crate engine, the benefits of the new motor will make a big difference in the performance and driveability of your Mustang. Choose your new Mustang Crate Engines & Cylinder Blocks from CJ Pony Parts today and get your Mustang the additional power it needs.

In our selection, you’ll find some of the best Mustang engines for sale, including:

• Ford Racing Aluminator 5.0L crate engine
• Ford Racing Aluminator XS 5.0L crate engine
• Ford Racing 460 engine block
• 5.0L Coyote engine 420hp
• Boss 302 crate engine rear sump
• Boss 302 crate engine front sump
• Boss 351 crate engine
• Ford Racing 5.0L short block
• Boss 351 X Heads 450hp

With all of these 5.0 Mustang engines right at your fingertips, you’re sure to find one that’ll deliver the results that you want.

Ford Racing is one of the major producers of 5.0 Mustang engines, and they’re known for their long-lasting durability, outstanding power, and easy installation. They’re also the most trusted brand when it comes to Mustang crate engines.

If you have any questions about our crate engines for your Mustang, our expert sales team is on call to give you the answers! They know all there is to know about our high-quality products, the vendors that manufacture them, and our payment process so you can make the best purchasing decision. Plus, if you finalize your order before 5 PM EST, we can give you free, same-day shipping on most orders!