Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter 5-Speed T-5/T-45 1983-2004

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Product Description

Steeda Tri-Ax shifter for T-5 and T-45 manual transmissions. This will fit all 1983-2000 V8 Ford Mustangs and some 2001 V8 Mustangs*. Also fits 1987-1993 4 Cylinder and 1994-2004 V6 manual transmission Mustangs.

Steeda re-invented the Short Throw Shifter with the Tri-Ax model! This is the smoothest, most comfortable, quickest shifting, shortest throw shifter on the market.

  • "Offset-Preload" coil springs find third gear for you - so you won't miss!
  • Most comfortable hand position of any short throw shifter
  • Two position adjustable height
  • Shortest throw of any shifter
  • Smooth, confident, precise shifts
  • Exclusive BootGuard (prevents damage to factory rubber inner boot)
  • Adjustable positive stops prevent over extending the shift lever, preventing costly transmission damage
  • Compact tower design is easier to install
  • CNC machined from billet 6061 T-6 aluminum
  • Heavy duty construction. No welds, stampings, or castings to break
  • Nickel plated pivot shaft won't rust or stain
  • Grade 8 and stainless steel hardware
  • Made in the USA
  • Accepts factory & Steeda knobs
  • Includes Steeda's exclusive Tri-Ax shift handle
  • No complicated, unnecessary adjustments unlike competitive designs
  • Free Tube of silicone included with your order!

* Note: If you have a 2001 Mustang, you must check your door tag for the transmission type.
6 = T-45
K = 3650

This shifter will not work on the Tremec 3650 transmission. You must use MS20 if you have a Tremec 3650.

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great upgrade
it took about a hour to install. would have been faster and i wouldnt have had to remove my center console but the person that rebuilt my tranny put way to much rtv so the console had to come out so i could pry the stock shifter from the tranny. ive never used a hurst or mgw so i dont have much to compere to. ive heard a lot of good things about the steeda tri ax and a few bad things. i dont see any problems with mine... i love it! had problems befor with going into reverse but now it slides right in with the tri ax. shifts are shorter and in my op smooth and not very notchy at all. all in all if i had to buy this again... i would. even tho im not gonna have to cuz this thing is rock solid and will last for many many years to come.
cody March 27, 2013
This shfter is a great upgrade for you fox body, gear changes a WAY more precise. And if you do the adjustment rifgt youll never miss the infamous 2-3rd gear. It's a must have
Bruno April 26, 2012
Great Shifter
I just bought a Tremec TKO 600 and with it a Steeda-Ax shifter. I have no complaints and shifting is literally fool proof. No missed shifts and 2nd to 3rd is very predictable and no problems.Yes, I would buy another one tommorow.
Mark DellAcqua April 6, 2012
Short Throw TriAx
Very happy with not only the product itself, but had great service by Joe on the phone. Very smooth and precise shifting. I am on the low end on skill level with doing upgrades or repairs with out help, and this upgrade was done in my garage in a matter of about 30-45 minutes. Installed a new Cobra ball to finish it up. Thumbs up!!
Luis GT Irizarry March 12, 2012
Makes Shifting SO Cool (99 GT)
Love everything about this shifter - short throw (even with taller setting), smooth SOLID positive feel, and spring loaded so shifting from 2nd to 3rd is a straight shot. Being a performance shifter there is less dampening between the shifter and the handle which brings more noise into the passenger compartment, but it's not a distraction - actually sounds pretty good when winding-out 3rd. Installation instructions clearly addressed everything. I also took advantage of having the transmission opened up by replacing the fluid with a synthetic (Royal Purple) during the shifter install.
Chris March 10, 2012
Smooth / Quick Shift
I have loved driving my Mustang since installing this shifter. It has made my driving experience even more enjoyable with the ultra smooth shifts that seem to guide themselves into place as I shift from 1 to 3 to 5 with no jams. My car almost feels like a totally different car. I would strongly recommend this upgrade along with a synthetic fluid change while your car is unbuttoned and exposed.
Joser March 8, 2012
Better than the Original 1996 Cobra Shifter
Most of my Mustang colleagues told me that a replacement of the OEM Shifter would result in more fun. Yes, they were right! This shifter is a lot shorter than the Original in the 1996 Cobra. It's fun! I bought a STEEDA because it has a well known name in replacement parts for Ford Mustang.
Bjoern January 12, 2012
boy what a difference , i had installed one of those $60 shifters and did not like it one bit ,way too notchy. i installed this one and used the top holes but a short tee handle and it's perfect. best money you can spend.
nick z June 10, 2011
excellent product
shipping was fast. product took about 2 hours to install. (i changed transmission fluid while i was at it) shifts so smooth. Highly recommend.
daniel ruffner January 12, 2011
great shifts
this is the best shifter i have owned good enough that i have owned 5 mustangs and bought one for each car well worth it
blake January 7, 2011
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: The Short Throw Shifter is still one of the most popular modifications people do to their late-model Mustang, and with good reason. Shorter throws mean quicker shift, means faster acceleration, making the car a lot more fun to drive. In most cases, the after market shifter also has built-in safety devices to lengthen the life of your transmission.

Today we continue with the theme of basic bolt-ons in our 2003 GT by installing this short throw shifter from Steeda. The Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter is one of the most popular aftermarket shifters for your late model Mustang.

First of all, you can see the construction of it. Heavy-duty built, really a high-quality shifter. Has built-in stops, which puts less strain on your shifter forks. These three different adjustments points here allow you to choose the height of your shift handle. It includes an aluminum handle, an isolator to keep down vibration, and all necessary installation hardware. For this installation, you'll need a quarter-inch ratchet, 8mm socket, 10mm socket, 13mm socket, 6-inch extension, two half-inch wrenches, gasket scraper or razor blade, and a mallet.

The Steeda Tri-Ax is going to fit your T5, T45 or T3650 transmission. In the case of a 1994-2004, the installation is going to be exactly the same. You have 1993 or older Mustang, you'll have to take the console apart to get to the shifter. The actual shifter install is going to be identical.

We'll start by twisting off the shifter knob. You're going to reach your hand underneath the edges here, pull straight up to release the shifter boot. Make sure you unplug the lighter. Now we'll get the factory shift handle out of the way. It's held on by two 10mm bolts.

Now we're at the lower boot, which is held on by four 8mm bolts. Once the bolts are out, you can remove the boot. Kind of have to turn it a little bit to get it around the console.

Now you can see your stock shifter. It's held onto your transmission by four bolts, one on each corner. Now remove those next. Once you get the bolts out, you can remove the shifter from your transmission. There is factory silicone sealant used to hold it together, so it may not come apart easily. You may have to use a hammer, a couple small taps usually gets it out. Try it without the hammer first, some times you get lucky.

On your T5 and T45 cars, there's a little cup that sometimes will come out with the shifter, sometimes it stays in the transmission. You will want to make sure that's there and put it back in the transmission. The 3650, they actually attach this now to the ball in the shifter. Get a good grip on it and just pop it off.

Now move it over and install it on our Steeda. Before we install the new Steeda shifter, you want to go across this surface here. Using a gasket scraper or a razor blade, make sure all the old material is scraped off. Once you have it scraped clean, put down a layer of new silicone for our new shifter.

Now you put the Steeda down in place. You install the supplied bolts by Steeda. Do not re-use the factory ones; they will not fit with the new Steeda shifter.

Now we're going to adjust the stops on our shifter. What you want to do is push the clutch in, push your shifter right into third gear. What you do then is loosen this up here, while putting pressure forward. Basically unthread it until it touches the shifter. Once it's touching, you want to go about 1/4 of a turn away from it. Leaving a very thin gap between the shifter and the arm. Then we'll hold it and tight down the lock nut. Now you want to pull it back into second gear, and do the same thing.

Now we're ready to start putting everything back together. You want to start with the boot guard. This little washer that's included, just slide it over the lever and go all the way down at the bottom. Don't worry if it sounds like it's going to rattle around. When you put the lower shift boot on top of it, it will hold it in place and protect the boot.

Now you can reinstall the factory hardware. Now we can install the handle. The handle has two locations you can install it. Because the owner of this car is kind of on the taller side, we're going to go with the higher location.

Now we can reinstall the upper boot. Don't forget to plug your cigarette lighter back in. Lastly, reinstall the knob. Your installation is finished.

Even in the taller setting, the throws are nice and short. Best of all, when it goes into gear now, there's a real solid feel. Those stops do a great job of protecting your transmission against further damage. Installation will take you about an hour. You'll be back on the road in no time.