1967 Mustang Engines


1967 Mustang Engines

In 1967, Ford introduced the first major redesign since the Mustang’s inception in 1964. One of the redesign aspects included a larger vehicle. The 1967 Mustang boasted more interior space, more cargo space and more importantly, more room in the engine bay. This additional space could accommodate a big block V8. With this extra space, Ford offered several power-packed options for the 1967 Mustang engine. The base model included the 200ci — an inline 6-cylinder with 120 horsepower. A step up from base level, and you were in V8 territory with the 289ci. With the optional high performance package, commonly referred to as Hi-Po, this pony was peaking at 271 horsepower. And if that wasn’t enough, Ford offered a 390ci engine pushing 320 horses in their GT 350 model, and a 428ci pushing 335 ponies in their Shelby GT500.

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  1. Battery Hold Down Kit Mustang 1967-1970
    Battery Hold Down Kit Mustang 1967-1970
    95 %
    $10.79 Regular Price $11.99
  2. Starter Solenoid Mustang 1965-1973
    Starter Solenoid Mustang 1965-1973
    89 %
    $6.99 Regular Price $9.99
  3. Gas Cap Gasket 1965-1968
    Gas Cap Gasket 1965-1968
    90 %
    $3.59 Regular Price $3.99
  4. Oil Sender Switch Gauge Style 1965-1989
    Oil Sender Switch Gauge Style 1965-1989
    92 %
    $17.99 Regular Price $19.99
  5. Accelerator Pedal With Trim 1965-1968
    Accelerator Pedal With Trim 1965-1968
    79 %
    $9.12 Regular Price $10.13
  6. Fuel Tank Sending Unit 1965-1968
    Fuel Tank Sending Unit 1965-1968
    87 %
    $27.99 Regular Price $39.99
  7. FPH
    Fuel Tank Filler Hose 4" 1965-1970
    98 %
    $7.70 Regular Price $8.55
  8. Spark Plug Autolite Set 289/302/351W
    Spark Plug Autolite Set 289/302/351W
    95 %
    $23.09 Regular Price $32.99

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1967 Engine

If you’re lucky enough to be working on one of these 1967 Ford Mustang engines, you know just how special and rare these engines are. Whether you’re working on a big block or small block, it’s nice to know there’s a place to go for all your 1967 Mustang engine parts.

One Stop 1967 Mustang Engine Parts Shop

At CJ Pony Parts, you’ll find thousands of 1967 Mustang engine parts. Whether you’re replacing faulty components or rebuilding from the ground up, get the parts you need from CJ Pony Parts. Browse our vast online catalog and you’ll find:

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• Fuel Lines
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• Crankshafts and Dampers
• Intake Manifolds and Carburetors
• Camshafts, Rock Arms and Valve Train
• Air Cleaners and Filters
• Alternators and Regulators
• Ignition Coils and Spark Plugs
• Distributors
• Valve Covers
• Complete Crate Engines

We carry all the top quality 1967 Mustang engine parts from trusted brands like Alloy Metal Products, California Pony Cars, Canton Racing, Classic Auto Air, Edelbrock, Ford Racing, Painless Performance, Petonix, Procharger, Scott Drake, Russell and more.

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Whether you’re in the process of repairing, rebuilding or replacing your 1967 Mustang engine, the experts at CJ Pony Parts are ready to help you find the 1967 Mustang engine parts you need.

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