Maximum Motorsports Subframe Connectors Full-Length Powdercoated 1979-2004

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Maximum Motorsports Subframe Connectors Full-Length Powdercoated 1979-2004
Maximum Motorsports Subframe Connectors Full-Length Powdercoated 1979-2004 Play Maximum Motorsports Subframe Connectors Full-Length Powdercoated 1979-2004 Video 1 Play Maximum Motorsports Subframe Connectors Full-Length Powdercoated 1979-2004 Video 2
Maximum Motorsports

Product Description

Set of Maximum Motorsports powdercoated full length subframe connectors for all 1979-2004 Mustangs.

The MM weld-on subframe connectors improve handling and ride quality by reducing chassis flex. This helps to keep the forces caused by road irregularities in the suspension, rather than being absorbed by the flexing of the unibody. This results in a Mustang that will be much more dampened and controlled over rough roads, eliminating the shaking and shuddering that is characteristic of stock Mustangs.

Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors include seat braces that attach to two of the four front seat mounting bolts. This prevents the chronic tearing of the Mustang's sheet metal floor pan at the rearward seat mounts.

Why use Maximum Motorsport's Full Length Subframe connectors?
MM XL Series subframe connectors are 95% stiffer than standard subframe connectors.
MM subframe connectors are strong enough that you can lift the car by placing a jack anywhere along the length of the connector tube!
Extends from the rear lower control arm attachment point on the rear subframe all the way up to the firewall, providing substantially more weld area than other connectors.
Made of 1.5" x 2" x .083" wall thickness rectangular tubing.
MM XL Series subframe connectors do not hang any lower than the lowest part of the car-the exhaust system.
MM created the first Full-length Subframe Connectors; beware of imitators who attempt to copy the original innovative design.

Why use weld-on connectors?
Don't let claims of easy installation lure you into buying bolt-on subframe connectors. There is simply not enough structure in the Mustang's unibody to allow the bolts to be tightened properly. The ideal way to distribute loads across the unibody and prevent chassis flex is to weld subframe connectors to the bottom of the car's front and rear subframes, connecting them together.

*1996-1998 Cobras must notch the transmission crossmember at the frame rails so that the subframe connectors can sit flush on the frame rails.

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Product Video

Maximum Motorsports Subframe Connectors Full-Length Powdercoated 1979-2004 Video Transcript
By Bill Tumas: Bill: We have Jack from Maximum Motorsports in our studio today. He brought this killer display with him. Jack handles high-level tech support as well as works with the engineers. He's going to tell us about some of the products they make for your Mustang.

Jack, this is probably our top-selling product. Your subframe connectors are probably on three-quarters of the car here, including my own. Tell us what makes yours different from everybody else's.

Jack: First of all, our subframe connectors are full-length, and I believe we're the first company to come out with these for a Mustang chassis. They extend in the front all the way to the front of the front frame rail, and in the rear all the way to the control arm mounting point for the rear frame rail. They have the most stiffness possible because they encompass the front floor pan and the rear floor pan over the largest area you can get.

Bill: You guys only make weld-on subframe connectors?

Jack: Yes.

Bill: Nothing with a bolt-on? There are companies that offer bolt-on ones, but weld-on is really the only way you're going to get true structural integrity.

Jack: It's not really practical to make a bolt-on subframe connector because if you, for example, run bolts through these tabs, when you tighten these bolts down, the thin-walled frame rail on the Mustang is just going to collapse, and as soon as it crushes, there's no clamp load. The thing is free to move around and just egg out the holes.

Bill: These are going to fit your ... The one model, I believe, fits '79 through '04, correct?

Jack: Correct.

Bill: Okay.

Jack: It fits all those years.

Bill: Are covered by one part number.

Jack: One particular piece.

Bill: Tell us about your bracing here in the middle.

Jack: This is almost the single-most important function of the subframe connector. The seats ... The floor pan in the Mustang has a large area where the rear seat is mounted with no bracing whatsoever.

Bill: Yeah, it's just right through the sheet metal.

Jack: It's right to the sheet metal. It's almost flat. There's no corrugation in it for stiffness, so bracing the rear bolts of the front seats is very vital. When you get in the car after they're installed, you back the car up out of the driveway, and two seconds later, you feet that the seat isn't moving anymore, and you don't feel like you're kind of in an ocean liner.

Bill: At that point, you're literally bolting your seat to the frame of the car ...

Jack: Exactly.

Bill:... which is going to be the best way to do it to keep it mounted where it needs to be.

Jack: Yes, keep the most stability you can get.

Bill: Excellent. Jack, we appreciate you coming out today. Thank you for telling us about your products. If you're looking for a high-performance suspension for your late-model Mustang, make sure you check out our selection of products from Maximum Motorsports.