McLeod Clutch Conversion Kit Hydraulic With Slave Cylinder 1979-2004

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Product Description

McLeod Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit with Slave Cylinder for 1979-2004 Mustangs.

McLeod Racing has just released a new hydraulic master cylinder kit that easily converts the Mustang stock cable clutch linkage to hydraulic linkage.

Named Best New Street Performance Product at SEMA 2010!

-Softer pedal effort = more manageable and smoother clutch operation
-Cleaner clutch disengagement
-Self adjusting (no more pedal adjustment!)
-Steel braided lines can be routed around exhaust
-Uses stock pedal, mounts through firewall in stock cable location
-Complete bolt-in kit (no modifications necessary!)

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Good kit with a few issues
I installed this on an '03 V6 Mustang after I melted the stock clutch cable on an aftermarket turbo header. Overall, I think the kit is pretty good, although we'll have to see how it holds up in the long term. However, there are a few areas that could be improved.

1. The instructions are not very good. Among other things, they don't actually specify the bleed procedure, which is annoying because this can vary a little from system to system. I wound up installing one of the quick-disconnect lines on the master cylinder, bleeding it in-car, then connecting the slave cylinder and bleeding the whole system.

2. The slave cylinder arrangement doesn't adequately account for production tolerances on the bellhousing and release fork. The white plastic bushing has a concave face to hold the end of the slave cylinder, but the face that contacts the front of the bellhousing is flat, and the hole in the bushing is just barely larger than the rod that passes through it. This arrangement allows the slave cylinder to tip from side to side, which is necessary, but doesn't provide much clearance around the rod. In my case, this resulted in a lot of binding and sticking until I finally drilled the bushing out to 7/16" from its original 3/8" size. I have written to McLeod about this and hopefully they will address this feedback in the future.

3. This one is a relatively minor complaint, but the distance between the hole in the bellhousing and the release fork is relatively short in my car. Even with the rod on the slave cylinder shortened as far as it could go, I still had to use the firewall adjuster to pre-load the master cylinder and take some slack out of the system. I point this out because it's easy to extend the master cylinder too far, at which point it won't properly refill from the reservoir when the pedal is released, which can eventually cause the system to fail. I don't view this as a flaw of the kit per se; it's just something to be careful about.

Overall, I'd recommend this kit if you are having trouble with melting cables and want a system that is still easy to service and won't require removal of the transmission if the slave cylinder fails. The parts seem to be pretty good quality; I just wish they'd send it with prettier instructions and address issue #2 in my list above.
Chris E June 3, 2014
Small problem bleeding but overall very easy installation works incredibly well every mustang in this series should have one
Bill May 30, 2014
Installing A McLeod Kit in a 2004 SVT Cobra
I really agonized over this conversion as it isn't made for the 4 valve head, but went ahead and ordered it knowing that I might have to modify the firewall. All it took for clearance was to migrate the hole up and over about 3/8 inch and everything fell right in place. Hole was carved out with a die grinder. A little hard to do, but patience won out. Bench blead the whole system acording to McLeod's website and bolted it right in. Clutch is now way easier and I highly recomend this system over the cable.
Blaine May 13, 2013
Mcleod clutch kit
Untill recently I had to dead with the pain of constantly streching my clutch cable and dealing with a rock hard pedal. I decided to buy the mcleod clutch cable kit to rid myself of these problem and I must say its great. The overall installation is sraight forward everything is there, all you have to do is bolt it on. For a novice like me it took me abit longer, but I did it on the street with hand tools,jack and jack stand. You should have no problems novice and professional alike. Its well worth the money your left knee will thank you for it!!!!
Mario M. April 1, 2011
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