1998 Mustang Engine


1998 Mustang Engine

The Mustang legacy is one of heavy modification and finding as many ways as possible to get more horsepower, increase acceleration, and achieve your pony car’s highest potential when it comes to performance. This all starts under the hood, and nothing will give you greater increases than addressing your 1998 Mustang engine. Mustang enthusiasts often drop in a completely new engine, one that provides more power. Others make modifications and upgrades using engine accessories. This is all in an effort to live up to the Mustang standard of unbelievable launch times and straight line speed that emphasizes getting into and staying in your power band. So which modification will you make to your engine?

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  1. Distributor Hold Down Chrome
    Distributor Hold Down Chrome
    99 %
    $8.09 Regular Price $8.99
  2. Spark Plug Wire Separator Pair
    Spark Plug Wire Separator Pair
    100 %
    $3.56 Regular Price $3.95
  3. DEI Starter Heat Wrap Versa-Shield 7"x24"
    DEI Starter Heat Wrap Versa-Shield 7"x24"
    73 %
    $25.21 Regular Price $25.99
  4. BTC8
    Ford Battery Hold Down 1987-2004
    99 %
    $7.19 Regular Price $7.99

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1998 Engine

Comprehensive Selection That Meets Your Needs

At CJ Pony Parts, offer the widest selection of 1998 Mustang engine parts, as well as other accessories, kits and systems that help you get what you need without difficulty. For that reason, we carry a large assortment of engines and engine parts, including:

• Air cleaners and filters
• Alternators and generators
• Batteries
• Belts
• Camshafts, rocker arms and valve trains
• Cold air intakes
• Computers and programmers
• Crankshafts and dampers
• Crate engines and cylinder blocks
• Cylinder heads
• Dress-up
• Brackets and pulleys
• Gaskets
• Fuel injectors and mass air meters
• Fuel lines
• Pumps and filters
• Ignition systems
• Intake manifolds
• Motor mounts
• Sensors, senders and electrical motors
• Starters and solenoids
• Superchargers and nitrous oxide kits
• Throttle bodies and accessories
• Valve covers
• And more

These parts come from only the best vendors and are offered at only the best prices. We serve a thriving community of Mustang enthusiasts who have come to expect nothing less. This creates a simple, hassle-free way to access the 1998 Mustang engines you need — without worrying about getting gouged on price, without messing with products from inferior vendors, and without sorting through a limited selection that doesn’t offer exactly what you want.

The engine is the heart and soul of your pony car, and you should accept nothing but the best and nothing but exactly what you want when it comes to accessorizing or upgrading what’s under your hood.

Enhancing Your Performance

There’s nothing like that first ride after upgrading or replacing your pony car’s engine, discovering its increased performance and finding out exactly what it can do. This is a part of the Mustang tradition, and at CJ Pony Parts, we couldn’t be happier to be a part of the process.

Browse our selection of Mustang engines, and pick the right engine upgrade or replacement for you.

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