1997 Mustang Engine


1997 Mustang Engine

You own a high-performance machine with thousands of parts, each playing an important role in making sure that your ’Stang lives up to its legacy of power and speed. No part is more important than the engine — the place where the pony car experience begins and ends. Has you engine hobbled along for too long? Are you reluctant to go out for a spin? Do you pause before popping the hood? It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it shouldn’t be this way. Engine parts and replacements can transform your experience and get your ’Stang running the way it was born to run.

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  1. Distributor Hold Down Chrome
    Distributor Hold Down Chrome
    $8.09 Regular Price $8.99
  2. FTK8
    Fuel Tank Kit 1987-1997
    $104.29 Regular Price $148.99

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1997 Engine

For All of Your Engine Needs

Engines are just as complicated as they are important. Think of all the small parts needed to ensure your engine is operating properly. At CJ Pony Parts, we carry the widest selection of Mustang engines and parts, because we serve a community of enthusiasts who know what they need and expect us to offer it. Our selection includes:

• Air cleaners and filters
• Alternators and generators
• Belts
• Brackets and pulleys
• Camshafts, rocker arms and valve trains
• Cold air intakes
• Computers and programmers
• Crankshafts and dampers
• Crate engines and cylinder blocks
• Cylinder heads
• Fuel injectors and mass air meters
• Fuel lines
• Gaskets
• Intake manifolds
• Motor mounts
• Oil systems
• Pumps and filters
• Sensors, senders and electrical motors
• Starters and starter solenoids
• Superchargers and nitrous oxide kits
• Throttle bodies and accessories

This means that you can find what you need when you need it, whether you’re in the market for a replacement part, a performance upgrade or an entirely new engine. Our 1997 Mustang engines and parts are from only the best vendors. We do this because we know how important your ’Stang is. All of your resources should channel directly into the parts, kits, and systems that will help you achieve perfection.

Why Wait?

Imagine the way your ’Stang ran the day it left the factory. That moment may seem like a distant memory if your pony car has been scuffling, the engine struggling to do what it once did. So why not take action? Mustang engine replacements and parts are readily available, and you can find them at affordable places. Get your ’Stang running the way it does in your dreams.

Browse our selection of Mustang engines and get your pony car running right.

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