Edelbrock Top End Engine Kit Performer RPM 367 HP 289/302

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  • 367HP And 340Ft/Tq
  • RPM Range Up To 6500RPM
  • Made In The USA
  • Fits 289/302 Engines
MSRP $3,556.95
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Edelbrock 367 HP Performer RPM Top End Engine Kit for 289 or 302 Engine.

Take the guesswork out of making power. Edelbrock's top end kits consist of dyno-matched components to bring you complete, affordable power in one package. Edelbrock's kit has proven to make 367 HP and 340 ft/lbs of torque. Simply add the Edelbrock carburetor best suited for your application and get the "seat-of-the-pants" feel you've been looking for.

Edelbrock has been in the business of getting more power from Ford’s small-block eight-cylinder (and other engines) since before the Mustang was even around! An old-guard member of the hot-rod family, Edelbrock began tuning Ford vehicles in 1938, and these Edelbrock top end engine kits really showcase everything they’ve learned. Making power is a game of inches, but the combination of parts in these well-thought-out kits gives you a direct route to the dialed-in, clean running engine you’ve always wanted.

Engine Tuning as an Art

The art of engine tuning has come a long way since the Edelbrock name first graced the industry. There was a time when you had to guess about what made power, or use the “butt dyno,” as we call it. No longer is this the case. You can be sure that each of the parts included in the Edelbrock top end engine kit is the result of hours and hours spent testing and tuning in high-tech facilities. These parts have been honed by the crack team from Torrance, CA, for optimal performance, and by using them in combination, the effect is multiplied.

You can be confident that the Edelbrock top end engine kit will make more power for you, and the fact that each of the parts included is a quality Edelbrock piece means everything will fit just the way it was intended. It’s like having a car that’s tuned from the factory. Each of the parts has been designed with the use of the rest of the kit in mind — all the gaskets will fit with perfect tolerances, and every bolt will seat just the way it should. This means that, down the road, your vehicle will continue to perform without the reliability issues that can plague modified cars.

This particular kit focuses on top-end power, which is an excellent way to build a naturally aspirated engine with the snappy throttle response you just don’t find on modern cars with electronic throttles and low compression. Free-flowing heads allow a bigger charge to make its way to the combustion chamber, and are aided in their mission by an Edelbrock air gap intake manifold. The updated flat tappet Edelbrock camshaft brings it all together by tuning valve opening and overlap, maximizing the power from every charge. Not only does an engine that burns fuel more efficiently make more power, it’s also cleaner and more fuel efficient (assuming you can keep your foot off the gas!).

You simply can’t go wrong with this kind of kit from Edelbrock. If you’re looking to keep the stock block in your 289 or 302, but want to free up a few horses under the hood, then this kit from Edelbrock is a no-brainer for your build. Coming with everything you need to take your 289 or 302 from lean to mean, make sure to pick up this top end kit from Edelbrock today!

Kit Includes:
- Performer RPM Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft and Lifters
- Pair of Performer RPM Cylinder Heads (complete)
- Timing Cover Gasket and Seal Set
- Cylinder Head Gasket Set
- Pushrod Set
- RPM Air-Gap 302 Intake Manifold
- Intake Manifold Bolt Kit
- Cylinder Head Bolt Set
- Performer-Link Timing Set

Carburetors, exhausts, intake manifolds, and superchargers are just a few of the things that Edelbrock provides, giving you many ways that you can get the most out of your Small Block Ford with high quality performance products.

Order an Edelbrock 367 HP Performer RPM Top End Engine Kit for 289 or 302 Engines from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Only for use on pre-pollution controlled vehicles: This product can be used on vehicles that were manufactured before emissions control regulations were imposed. Pre-pollution vehicles are defined as:

  • 1965 and older U.S. manufactured California certified vehicles
  • 1967 and older U.S. manufactured federally certified vehicles

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

We're here with Cary from Edelbrock, who's going to tell us about their Power Package Top End Kit.

Cary: Excellent. Thank you, Bill. This is our Power Package Top End Kit that's our Performer RPM Series kit. We offer two different kits, the Performer Series, and an RPM. This particular kit is a horsepower range for about 367 horsepower for the 289 to 302 engine platform.

This kit comes with a cam shaft. It comes with the lifters. It comes with our air gap intake. It comes with our RPM cylinder heads. It comes with the hardware, as far as head bolts are concerned, intake bolts, fasteners, 7/16 spacers for the head bolts, all the gaskets necessary to do this as well. So any gasket you're going to need, from your head gasket, all the way on up to your intake gasket, and including your carburetor base gasket. It also includes the timing chain that comes with it.

We don't include the carburetor. We leave that up to you, because some people like a bigger carburetor. Some like a smaller. Some like the AVS or the adjustable vacuum secondary Thunder Series, or the Performer. So we leave that one up to the customer.

Bill: Okay, tell us a little bit more about the heads that are included in this kit.

Cary: This is our standard Performer RPM head. It's a fully loaded head. It comes complete, ready to bolt on, with all your screw and studs, your guide plates, loaded with valves, retainers, keepers, and springs. The actual valve size on the intake is 190. The exhaust is 160. And the intake port volume is 170 cc.

Bill: And these heads are matched to the cam shaft included in the kit.

Cary: Absolutely. The heads are matched to the cam and the intake that are included in the kit to give you that utmost power out of a matched performance setup.

Bill: Now what are the benefits of buying a kit like this, versus just going to the catalog and grabbing random parts?

Cary: Now the nice part about buying a kit like this is it comes with everything you need to do it, from gaskets, to products that are matched together. And it takes the guesswork out of the actual engine build itself. So as long as you have a short block, once you have that design, then you can actually bolt all of our products on. You have all the products that come in one box. It makes it very simple.

Bill: Pick your carburetor and go.

Cary: Pick your carburetor and go.

Bill: Sounds good. Thank you.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Bronco years:

This product will fit the following F-100 years:

  • 1970,
  • 1971,
  • 1972,
  • 1973,
  • 1974,
  • 1975,
  • 1976,
  • 1977,
  • 1978,
  • 1979,

This product will fit the following Mustang years:

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