Eastwood Internal Frame Coating 14Oz. Aerosol Can With Spray Nozzle

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Product Description

Eastwood 14 Ounce Aerosol Can of Internal Frame Coating with a Spray Nozzle.

You spend time and money restoring a chassis, but what about all that rust inside the frame? Use Eastwood's Internal Frame Coating to make your chassis rust-free throughout!

Eastwood's tough phenolic resin penetrates, converts and encapsulates the rust on the internal surface, and zinc phosphate seals it to prevent future corrosion. Penetrates under the heaviest surface rust. If not treated, the metal surface will continue to rust and begin to show as paint flaking, pin holes or even worse-structural frame failure.

The 14-oz. aerosol can includes an 24"-long extension tube with conical nozzle that reaches in to apply the coating in a radial spray pattern for complete coverage. Insert into bolt holes, lightening holes and any open access area in the frame. Spray using a back or forth motion to cover entire internal frame area. Two 14-oz. aerosol cans are required for a subframe vehicle, 3 cans for a full-frame vehicle or truck. Fully cures in 24 hours. Made in the USA.

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This one is tough to review because it is impossible to see inside the frame to tell how well it covered. But it did SEEM like it covered well when I tested it out. I have had great luck with Eastwood products in the past, so I anticipate this should hold up well even though I can't see it. On my 67 fastback, 1 can got to where I could access on the rear rails and some other crevices/openings under the belly - two cans should get you enough to do a whole first gen mustang if liberally applied. If possible, I would highly recommend using compressed air to blow out any debris/dirt/rust before applying. If you don't have access, a strong shopvac would probably be better than nothing.
EVAN February 19, 2014
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