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Where Is the Mustang Sold?Where Is the Mustang Sold?

With over 50 years of continuous production, it’s hard to understate the effect that the Ford Mustang has had on the auto industry in the U.S. and across the globe. For 2020, we’re taking a look at where in the world you can buy a Mustang today.

Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator AnglesJeep Wrangler and Gladiator Angles

Depending on which body style and configuration you’re looking at, the JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator offer a large variance in their off-road capability and clearance angles. Check out this handy guide to see how each Jeep stacks up.

Automotive CareersAutomotive Careers

If you're passionate about cars, you've likely wondered how you can turn that passion into a career. These are some of the top career paths for people who want to pursue working with automobiles for a living. Whether you're interested in working under the hood of classic cars or designing the latest and greatest vehicles, there are opportunities for just about every personality type and interest. Though the auto industry is evolving, the need for great minds and hard workers has never been greater.

2019 AP Top 10 NCAA Football Teams as Vehicles2019 AP Top 10 NCAA Football Teams as Vehicles

CJ's is looking ahead to the 2019 NCAA football season by taking the AP's top ten ranked football teams and comparing each of them to vehicles.

Buying a Car From a DealershipBuying a Car From a Dealership

Buying a vehicle should be exciting and fun, but when your perfect car is at a dealership it’s good to be informed. Arming yourself with research is an easy way to be a prepared buyer and make sure you get a good deal.

Driving DistractionsDriving Distractions

Driving while distracted, particularly driving while drowsy, is an avoidable risk. These are the most common forms of distractions and what you can do about each.

Costs of Commuting State by StateCosts of Commuting State by State

Ever wondered how your commute costs compare to other states? Then check out this infographic from CJs that looks at some of the expenses and time factors that go into your commute. You can also see which state has the shortest commute times and which have the longest.

The Automotive Industry as 100 CarsThe Automotive Industry as 100 Cars

The automotive industry as a whole is massive. But what if the entire industry was represented by 100 cars. What would it look like? Check out this infographic to see how the automotive industry shakes out as CJs looks at ten key areas such as new vs used and purchased vs leased.

Finding the Fuel of the FutureFinding the Fuel of the Future

If you've ever been curious to learn about alternative fuels to gasoline for cars, then you should check out CJ's infographic detailing alternative fuel options. This could be a glimpse into the future of how we may be filling up our tanks in the future.

The World's Fastest RoadsThe World's Fastest Roads

Have you ever been curious as to where the fastest roads are on the planet? Then look no further this infographic detailing six of the fastest roads in the world, one of which doesn't have a speed limit. CJs also takes a closer look at some of the accident stats for each of these roads to see how safe they really are.

Are Luxury Cars Worth Your Money?Are Luxury Cars Worth Your Money?

Considering purchasing a luxury car and unsure as to how they compare to mass-marketed brands? Then check out this infographic from CJs that compares luxury cars to regular cars in six different areas: safety, resale value, initial quality, customer service, cost of ownership, cost to insure.

Highs and Lows of American Insurance ExpendituresHighs and Lows of American Insurance Expenditures

Car insurance in the US is very expensive. CJs new infographic takes a look at the places with the highest and lowest premiums and offers up some suggestions you could use to help reduce your car insurance bill each month.

Myth Vs. Reality: Organ Donation in the United StatesMyth Vs. Reality: Organ Donation in the United States

Have you considered becoming an organ donor but were unsure if it is the right decision or not? Then check out this CJs infographic on separating the myths from realities of organ donation in the United States.

The Car-Friendliest Cities in the USThe Car-Friendliest Cities in the US

Have you ever wanted to live in the city but didn't want to give up your car due to higher insurance costs or more expensive gas? CJs has you covered with this infographic of the ten cities that were ranked as America's most car-friendly cities.

Movies That Made Vehicular LegendsMovies That Made Vehicular Legends

Movies have a tendency to make ordinary people seem bigger than reality. CJ's takes a look a few cult classic movies that produced vehicular legends. Some of these movies are older and some are more recent. Be sure to check it out.

How Much Do We Spend On Our Cars?How Much Do We Spend On Our Cars?

If you've ever been curious as to what percent of our annual or lifetime income goes into maintaining a car then you should check out CJ's new infographic. You'll be able to see which types of vehicles are more expensive to own over 5 years, how much of your income goes into maintenance and the most and least expensive operating costs for each type of vehicle.

Most and Least Ticketed CarsMost and Least Ticketed Cars

One in five people this year will end up getting a speeding ticket. But are all cars ticketed equally? These studies looked at a few of the factors that affect whether or not you'll get a ticket. Gender, age, location, and yes, the type of car you drive, all play a role.

Best Road Trip Destinations Across the U.S.Best Road Trip Destinations Across the U.S.

Driving across the US can be an exciting adventure. But what route should you take? Check out these seven routes to take which include a couple places to see along the way. CJ's also matches the route up with the best vehicle to take as well.

The Ethical Dilemma: Self-Driving Cars & The Laws of RoboticsThe Ethical Dilemma: Self-Driving Cars & The Laws of Robotics

Autonomous vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent. CJ's takes a more in-depth look at the laws of robotics and three common scenarios discussed when talking about the ethical dilemma these vehicles may face: The Trolley Problem, The Tunnel Problem, and The Infinite Trolley Problem.

Best Parks to Drive ThroughBest Parks to Drive Through

Driving around the country doesn’t have to be miles of empty highways. There are parks all over this great country that have plenty of amazing sights to be held. Check out some of our top 10 destinations for road trips and take in some of the amazing beauty our country has to offer.

Spending Time In Traffic Costs You MoneySpending Time In Traffic Costs You Money

The average American spends roughly 17,600 minutes behind the wheel of their car every year, so it’s no surprise that the time spent in traffic costs money. The top 10 states with the highest population in the United States also have the most registered vehicles in the country. How much financial loss do these states experience and is there anything you can do to save money?

Summer vs All-Season vs Winter TiresSummer vs All-Season vs Winter Tires

Winter is here -- do you know what kind of tires are on your car? Do you have a set of all-season tires that should carry you through the cold months, or do you really need to invest in a set of winter tires? We’ve broken down the difference between the three types of tires to help you decide which type of tires you should install on your vehicle for the upcoming cold months.

AWD vs 4WDAWD vs 4WD

Distinguishing the difference between an AWD and a 4WD vehicle can be difficult, even for the most knowledgeable car enthusiasts. Each drivetrain has a set of advantages and disadvantages, along with different purposes. Read more about the similarities and differences between four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive on your truck or off-road vehicle!

Center of GravityCenter of Gravity

Sometimes, you may hear people refer to their sports car having a 'low center of gravity' when talking about how well it may handle the twisties on some backroads. A low center of gravity is key to achieving faster lap times and a more confidence-inspiring ride. However, there are a couple different factors that go into equating what the center of gravity is for your vehicle, so read more on how to do it yourself!

Common Car Features That Have Bitten The DustCommon Car Features That Have Bitten The Dust

We might be losing some features like cassette and CD Players along with CIgarette Lighters and Keys, but we’re gaining so much more in terms of safety features, luxury items like in-car Wi-Fi and other new advances that could potentially change the way we drive.

Jeep Pickup Trucks: A Brief HistoryJeep Pickup Trucks: A Brief History

Do you know the history of the Jeep Pickup Truck? Did you know there were seven Jeep pickups available, with the first one being introduced in 1947? If not, you should check out CJ's infographic detailing the history of the Jeep Pickup Truck. Included in the infographic are some interesting facts and statistics about each Jeep Pickup Truck.

Famous People And Their CarsFamous People And Their Cars

Whether it's Donald Trump, Taylor Swift or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, there are plenty of celebrities out there that double as car enthusiasts! Bet you didn't know that Floyd Mayweather was a big fan of the Rolls Royce owning both a Rolls Royce Wraith and Ghost! Or Tom Brady who is the proud owner of both a Audi R8 and a Bugatti Veyron!

Pac 12 Football Teams as VehiclesPac 12 Football Teams as Vehicles

Do you love Pac 12 Football and cars? If so, you're going to love this infographic. Each team in the Pac 12 was matched up with what vehicle we thought would best represent them. Some are based on the 2017-18 season, while others have a nod to history.

Big 12 Football Teams as VehiclesBig 12 Football Teams as Vehicles

Do you love Big 12 Football? Do you love cars? Then you should check out what we did. Each team in the Big 12 was matched up with what vehicle we think would best represent them. Some are based on the 2017-18 season, while others have a nod to history.

SEC Football Teams as VehiclesSEC Football Teams as Vehicles

If you're an SEC Football fan and love cars, then you're going to love what we've done. We took each team in the SEC and matched them up with what vehicle we think would best represent them. Some are based on the 2017-18 season, while others have a nod to history.

ACC Football Teams as VehiclesACC Football Teams as Vehicles

If you like ACC Football and cars, then you'll love this new infographic from CJ's. Each team in the ACC was matched up with a vehicle that we thought would best represent them. Some are a nod to history, and others are based on previous seasons.

Big Ten Football Teams as VehiclesBig Ten Football Teams as Vehicles

If you're a Big Ten football fan and love cars, then you're going to love what we've done. We took each team in the Big Ten and matched them up with what vehicle we think would best represent them. Some are based on the 2017-18 season, while others have a nod to history.

Steer Clear LawSteer Clear Law

Pennsylvania isn’t the only state trying to protect emergency workers, construction workers and others who might find themselves on the side of the road. Every single state has some variation of this law, including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. When it comes down to it, if you can move over safely — do it! Stopping on the side of the road is a risky business for emergency workers when there are speeding cars just feet away, so we as drivers should do everything we can to make their work safer.

Understeer vs OversteerUndersteer vs Oversteer

When it comes to understeer vs. oversteer, there’s one important thing to remember — SLOW DOWN. Don’t try to take a turn too fast, whether you’re driving front- or rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and don’t change your speed during turns. Also, take extra care during bad weather or in conditions where traction is poor — not just to prevent oversteer and understeer, but to prevent vehicle accidents as the result of those hazardous driving conditions.

The Best Car Movies From Each DecadeThe Best Car Movies From Each Decade

Since there have been movies, there have been cars in movies and movies about cars. These movies have been a great way for car lovers to enjoy their favorite pastime, and for non-car-lovers to find a new favorite hobby. That's why we put together this infographic listing out the best car movies of each decade. Everything from the popular cars, actors and what made each and every one of these movies special in their time.

Navigating Pothole SeasonNavigating Pothole Season

If you drive regularly, it’s nearly impossible to avoid ever suffering an impact with a pothole. You should report bad potholes on interstates to your state department of transportation, and those on city streets to your city’s public works department. If you suffer an impact, find a safe place to evaluate any damage to your car. If there is suspension damage, you should avoid driving the car until you can get the damage repaired. The poor condition of our roads can pose a challenge for people who live in wet areas. Drive smart and pay attention to your car’s behavior, and you should make it out of pothole season unscathed.

Why Ford Trucks Are Better Than Chevy TrucksWhy Ford Trucks Are Better Than Chevy Trucks

From a satirical point of view, CJ's takes a long, hard look at the seemingly never-ending debate of Ford Trucks vs Chevy Trucks. From the logo, to the towing capacity and fuel economy, CJ's dives deep into the similarities and differences between the F-150 and Silverado.

Car Buying By GenderCar Buying By Gender

Men and women tend to approach buying a car differently. Men prefer luxury and style and will make a quicker purchase. They also get the added perk of a lower starting price, simply due to being male. Women prefer reliability and safety, and get the benefit of cheaper insurance throughout their lives, but they might find themselves paying more if they’re not careful.

The Fast And The Furious FamilyThe Fast And The Furious Family

Throughout The Fast & Furious series of seven movies, there have been plenty of ups, downs, twists and turns. However, one thing has remained constant - family. With the debut of the eighth movie in the series, The Fate of the Furious, introduces one curve we've never seen before: Dom's shocking betrayal of the family and relationships that have been built throughout the past seven movies. We can't wait to see what comes of this in theaters, but for now, check out CJ's analysis of family in one of our favorite movie series!

MLB Teams as VehiclesMLB Teams as Vehicles

Here we go again, matching up two of our favorite things: Cars and sports. This time we’re giving every Major League Baseball Team its own vehicle based a few factors such as their past season performance or their team name.

Jeep Wrangler Grilles Through The YearsJeep Wrangler Grilles Through The Years

When it comes to Jeeps, the letters C and J have been synonymous with off-road dominance since Willys MB brought the civilian jeep to the public in the wake of World War II. Willys and later CJ-builder AMC are no longer relevant, but with the Jeep CJ they created an institution as red, white and blue as apple pie.

Best Car For Your Myers-Briggs TypeBest Car For Your Myers-Briggs Type

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, is a personality test that can tell you a lot about yourself. By answering a series of questions, you’ll find yourself sorted into one of 16 categories based on things like whether you are introverted or extroverted, whether you utilize sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and whether or not you judge or perceive the world around you.

Getting Out from Underwater Car LoansGetting Out from Underwater Car Loans

The costs of car ownership are many, but for millennials, just getting out from under the initial purchase price of their car is proving to be a challenge. Today nearly one-third of all cars in the states that are offered for trade-in are financed by negative equity loans. It's crazy to think, but it's true. Find out many ways to get out of your upside-down car loan or options to work yourself in the right direction over time.

Driving By Generation: Most Popular First Cars Baby Boomers vs MillennialsDriving By Generation: Most Popular First Cars Baby Boomers vs Millennials

The car industry is quite simply in a different place today. More specifically, it was already in a different place in the early 2000s than it was during the time baby boomers were purchasing their first cars.

The Difference of a Decade: Owning Your First CarThe Difference of a Decade: Owning Your First Car

The overall picture of American youth has evolved a great deal during the past few decades. Vehicle preferences have changed, costs have changed and many additional details about the vehicle buying process are different. This infographic tries to sum them all up.

Driving Insane: Putting the Brakes on Road RageDriving Insane: Putting the Brakes on Road Rage

Every day, there are thousands of instances of road rage. As horns honk and fists shake, enraged drivers endanger our roads. Find out what causes road rage and what to do if you become a victim.

Make a Long Commute BetterMake a Long Commute Better

Commuting is one of the biggest contributors to stress in America. Having a long commute makes you more at risk of illness, job burnout, and (believe it or not) divorce. Here are the top ways to manage your commuting stress.

Pointers You Need to Know When Getting Pulled OverPointers You Need to Know When Getting Pulled Over

If you see a police car behind you, hear a siren or see a flashing red light that seems to be aimed at getting you to pull over…do pull over immediately. Failure to do so could be seen as attempting to flee or resisting lawful authority.

Vulnerable Vehicles: Invasive Hacks in Connected CarsVulnerable Vehicles: Invasive Hacks in Connected Cars

These days, you can have just about any technology you want in a car, from wireless internet to Bluetooth to GPS to laser-guided cruise-control. Several automakers are even testing cars that can drive themselves. We've come a long way.

The Sharing Economy: How To Put Your Car To WorkThe Sharing Economy: How To Put Your Car To Work

Have you ever been curious about what it would take for you to turn your car into a Lyft or Uber vehicle? Our latest infographic has all the details to get you started making money with your vehicle.

Repair or Replace Your Vehicle?Repair or Replace Your Vehicle?

As you’re presented with expensive car bills, you will be faced with a decision. Should you repair the car? Or should you replace it? This infographic provides you the necessary information on how to best make that decision.

Weirdest Driving Laws In The U.S.Weirdest Driving Laws In The U.S.

All of us know the basic rules of the road. Believe it or not, some states feature some laws that don't seem real. Our infographic breaks down different regions of the Unites States and shows some of the strangest laws out there.

NFL Football Teams As VehiclesNFL Football Teams As Vehicles

We couldn't resist matching up two of our favorite things: cars and sports. We decided to give every National Football Team its own vehicle, based on their performance over the past couple seasons.

How to Use a RoundaboutHow to Use a Roundabout

You might initially find roundabouts, whether they’re single or multi-lane, tricky to navigate because of their design and their differences from both intersections and traffic circles. Once you get to know them, though, it’s easy as pie. (And just as round, too.)

The Worst Pileups in History The Worst Pileups in History

Pileup. The term alone conjures thoughts of blazer-clad news anchors cautioning you to seek an alternative route to work, because things are backed up. Hopefully, that’s the only thing it evokes thoughts of. Being involved in a multi-car crash is one of the most dangerous situations you can find yourself in on the road.

Apps That Will Help You Avoid a TicketApps That Will Help You Avoid a Ticket

There is nothing worse than a ticket, especially when it could have be avoided by dodging traffic stops, parking correctly, or getting a lift. The good news is that your smartphone can help you do all of those things and more with some pretty handy apps. Find out which will help you avoid your next ticket and keep that cash in your pocket. Spoiler alert: You'll want to download them all.

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There are those out there you may be auditory learners, but for some information, the best way received is through a graph or table. When you’re dealing with a lot of data and information, many people prefer infographics because it portrays the data in a user-friendly, eye-catching format that’s easy to read and follow along. With a variety of different topics, CJ Pony Parts is your place to go for interesting and engaging infographics in the Mustang and automotive realm.