Ford Racing Hood Pin Kit Stainless Steel 1965-2004

Ford Racing: FRPP M-16700-A
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Product Description

Ford Racing Stainless Steel Hood Pin Kit for all 1965-2004 Mustangs.

That "competition look" you've always wanted is available from Ford Racing. This is the original style hood latch kit used on early Mustangs and Fairlanes. This is the finest kit made, all parts are stainless steel (will not rust) and includes heavy duty 25" long lanyards to protect the finish on the hood. Can be used on original steel, or all aftermarket fiberglass hoods.

*This hood pin kit is acceptable to use as a 1969 Mach 1 replacement.

Please Note: Will not fit 2005-2013 Mustangs.

Product Reviews

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Fit good on my 69 mach 1.
chris August 28, 2014
CJ PONY is the best place for all my mustang parts !!! thank you again..

brian belletz...
brian belletz June 11, 2014
Pins too short
Review for Product, NOT CJ Pony Parts

-1/2 star = No Instructions
You will have to look online elsewhere for any type of instructions on this product. If you think it's just a straight-forward job, you are mistaking.

-1/2 star = not enough hardware / lanyards
There also should have been 8 more small screws and 8 more small washers in the package. They give you 8 of each, but give you 16 holes to drill for the top piece and underneath piece. The lanyards are packed, coiled. They seem to keep an odd coiled shape when they are used. I will try to straighten them out, but I have my doubts.

-1 star = Pins too short
If you are installing the pins in the bump-stop locations (which seems to be the obvious choice), the pins will be too short for a 2003 GT. One more inch would have made it so much better. I had to go to the hardware store and spend another $5 getting the stuff I needed to extend the pins. I already drilled holes in my hood so relocating the pins wasn't an option.

The kit still gets 3 stars because even after the 3 hours to install it, it looks pretty cool.
Wil March 6, 2014
Just installed these on my 69 Mach One. They look really nice and original. Easy install. Some instructions with tips would be nice though.
Bill December 1, 2012
Slapped these bad boys on my 67' coupe and they look fantastic! Hardly any work and they fit just right. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Trevor May 23, 2012
I purchased the hood pins for my 2004 Mustang, these pins are too short for a 2004 Mustangs . Before buying I would suggest measuring the length pin that you need. It is a very nice set of hood pins. I was able to use the pins after making some modifications to get the extra length of that I needed. Ron
Ron Kasten February 14, 2012
Alot work...
I check this FR kit out before buying and it should fit my 66 fastback but doesn't when using the hood stop brackets. The Post is suppose to be 4 inches in length when in realty its only 3.5 in. With the pin hole drilled a 1/4 down there's no way to use the standard hood stops. So you have to tack down a bolt on top of the hood stop bracket, which will give you the appropriate height needed. Like the Billet look thought, and heavy duty shafts.
John April 10, 2011
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: We're here with Ford Racing's stainless steel hood pin kit. This stainless steel hood pin kit is modeled after the one used on your original '69 Mach I. It includes 25 inch lanyards, studs, plates, pins, and all of the mounting hardware. The plates, pins, studs, and hardware are all stainless steel. We strongly suggest you use the hood pins with fiberglass hoods due to the light weight. It'll also work on steel hoods if you're looking for that competition look.