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CarTech How to Build High Performance Chevy LS1 and LS6 V-8s Book.

Looking for a helper with your Chevy LS1/LS6 V8 project? CarTech has you covered with this incredibly helpful book (SA86) to take your vehicle from stock to rock. In 1997 Chevrolet did the unthinkable: it re-designed the most popular and most modified engine in American history. The Chevrolet small-block V-8 made its debut in 1955, and with its arrival, Chevrolet instantly leaped to the forefront in the minds of hot rodders and performance enthusiasts alike. While the engine grew in displacement and technology over the next 30 years, its basic design was never altered. . . until 1997, when the Generation III LS1/LS6 engine design was introduced. The LS1 engine first appeared in the 1997 Corvette, and soon followed in the Camaro Firebird and thousands of full-size Chevy trucks and SUVs. This book (SA86) is essential for the enthusiast who wants to get the most performance out of this engine design but is only familiar with the older Chevy small-blocks. Along with full-color photos, this book includes exactly what you need to know about these engines, including the challenging engine removal and install, easy engine bolt-ons, electronic controls for the Generation III engine, and detailed engine builds at four different power levels.

Chapter 1: The History of The Gen III LS1 V-8
Small Blocks: Gen I/II/III
Thumbs-Up for the Gen III
The Gen III LS1 V-8 Begins
Building an Engine From Scratch
The LS6 Story
The LQ9
The Future

Chapter 2: The Gen III LS1 V-8 Engine Basics
Gen III LS1 V-8 Usages
The Details to Make Horsepower
Engine Block
Cylinder Heads
Connecting Rods
Oiling System
Intake Tract
Electronic Fuel Injection
Front Accessory Drive
The LQ4 and LQ9 6.0-Liter Gen IIIs
Building a High-Performance 6.0-Liter Gen III V-8
Quality Built Engines
Vehicle and Gen III V-8 Factory Combos

Chapter 3: Production Parts for Performance
Engine Blocks
Cylinder Heads
Intake Manifold
Oil Pans
Throttle Body
Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensors

Chapter 4: Tips and Tricks to Remove and Reinstall the Gen III V-8
Removing a Gen III V-8 from an F-Car
Removing a Gen III V-8 from a Corvette
Removing a Gen III from a Full-Size Truck or SUV
Running a Gen III V-8 in a Pre-Gen III V-8 Vehicle

Chapter 5: Bolt-On Power
Where Does Bolt-On Power Come From?
Noise Canceling
Hot Rod Development
Intake Manifold
Performance Camshaft and Valvetrain Components

Chapter 6: 100 Horsepower Anybody Can Install
SLP Power
More Air
A Lift
Special Tools
Tips for Success
Why CNC Porting?
Vehicles That Respond
Dyno Results

Chapter 7: 500+ Horsepower NA Street-Racer Buildup
Power Parts
External Pump Oiling System
Simple Performance
Controlling it All
Every Last Detail
Block Prep
Ring Fitting
Bearing Clearance
Hanging the Pistons on the Rods
Installing Rings on Pistons
Installing the Crank in the Block
Installing a Camshaft
Installing the Connecting Rods/Pistons
Piston Talk
Oiling System and Water Pump
Building Cylinder Heads
Installing and Torqueing the Cylinder Heads
Dyno Results

Chapter 8: Gen III Vortec Truck Engine Buildups
Simple Supercharger Install
LS6 Parts for Power

Chapter 9: 1,200-Horsepower, 387-Cubic-Inch C5R Power
The Builders
The Engine
How to Build 1,200-Horsepower Engines
Prepping a Race Block
Cleaning Parts for Final Install
Piston and Rod Assembly
Installing the Cam
Degreeing the Cam
Building the Heads
Finishing it Off
So How Did It Do?

Chapter 10: How to Control That Gen III V-8
EFI Computer Contents
Fuel Injectors
Mass Air, Speed-Density, and Alpha-N
Sequential, Bank Fire, and Batch Fire
Tuning the Gen III V-8 EFI
Aftermarket Controllers

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