Ford Performance Cylinder Block Boss 302 Big Bore 8.2" Deck

Ford Performance:


  • Boss 302 Block
  • 4.125" Bore Capacity
  • 8.2" Deck Height
  • 4-Bolt Main Caps
MSRP $2,350.00
You save $61.01

Ford Performance Boss 302 Big Bore Cylinder Block with an 8.2" Deck.

A legend is reborn with this all-new Boss 302 block. In addition to the reinforced Boss design, this big-bore version allows for more cubic inches.

Features and Benefits:
- 8.2" Deck Height
- Boss 302 Design
- Ford Performance Quality
- Up To 363 CI Displacement

As an update on the classic Boss 302 block, this modern version retains hallmark features of the original - such as four-bolt main caps. This Big Bore design is perfect for 363 cubic inch strokers. What better way to start your Boss engine build, than with a Boss engine block?

Cylinder Block Features:
- 4.125" bore capacity, finished at 4.115" rough bore
- 8.2" deck height, finished at 8.200" plus .010" to .015"
- Maximum recommended stroke 3.400"
- Splayed 4-bolt main on 2, 3, 4, main caps
- 2-bolt main on first and fifth main caps
- Main bearing bores finished to low limit
- Finished lifter bores
- Machined to accept factory roller lifter guides and lifter guide retainer
- Fits factory Mustang oil pan with custom oil pickup tube
- Revised oiling and cooling system passageways
- Siamese bore with drilled coolant crossover holes
- Increased bulkhead material
- Threaded core and galley plugs (straight thread port plugs with O-ring)
- Requires special length head bolts (M6065BOSS) or head studs (M6014BOSS)
- Recommended with M6049X306/307/Z304DA heads
- Designed for M6049X306//X307/C3/D3/Z304DA cylinder heads
- Uses common OD cam bearings M6261J351/R351
- Unique cam plug M6026S351 included
- M6051S331 or M6051CP331 head gasket recommended
- Weighs approximately 175 lbs.

Additional Notes: 
- This engine block will require honing before you begin assembly. This is the only machining the block will require.
- 2-bolt number 1 and 5 mains.
- Must use Ford Turbo Swirl, C3, D3 or High Flow cylinder heads, common O.D. cam bearings, special length head bolts, Machined for factory Mustang oil pan with custom pickup tube roller lifter guides and retainer.
- Not designed for production 302/351W or M-6049-Y302/Y303/X302/X303/X304/X305 cylinder heads.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Only for use on pre-pollution controlled vehicles: This product can be used on vehicles that were manufactured before emissions control regulations were imposed. Pre-pollution vehicles are defined as:

  • 1965 and older U.S. manufactured California certified vehicles
  • 1967 and older U.S. manufactured federally certified vehicles
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