Fender Gripper Fender Cover Mustang Black With Running Horse

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Product Description

Black Fender Gripper Fender Cover with a Running Horse Logo for All Year Mustangs.

Fender Gripper Products offer the ultimate in protection and they have an unbelievable grip. This cover is made of heavy-duty, dense foam that is extremely cushioning and even completely washable. The soft, yet gripping surface of this Black Fender Gripper Fender Cover with a Running Horse Logo, holds your tools in place and won't slip off your car either! This fender cover is a must have for the garage of every Mustang owner and you can get yours from CJ Pony Parts today!

- Strong PVC Construction Reinforced With Nylon Mesh
- Impervious to Motor Oil, Coolant, Lacquer Thinner, Brake Fluid and More!
- Non-Slip Material Will Not Slide Off Slick Surfaces
- Won’t Harm Your Paint
- Soft and Cushioned for Protecting Your Mustang as Well as Your Body
- A Classic, Iconic Running Horse Logo
- Tools Will Not Slip Off Fender Cover
- Completely Washable
- 22" X 34" Standard Size

The surface of this Fender Gripper Fender Cover is soft, yet bonds and holds your tools in place so they won't slip off. You'll no longer have to worry about dropping that wrench or socket down in the engine bay and chipping, denting or damaging something! Or even worse, dropping the tool on your toes! This fender cover combines comfort, with its thick padded construction; style, featuring a fierce flaming pony logo; durability, you can wash, use then re-wash this cover; and functionality, with an outstanding grip to stay in place and keep your tools from falling all around.

This Black Fender Gripper Fender Cover with a Running Horse Logo won't harm your paint, and best of all, you won't wear out your elbows and arms while leaning on it for extended periods of time either. It's a win, win!

Here at CJ Pony Parts, our selection of Mustang parts is growing every year, with hundreds of new reproduction and aftermarket parts for Mustang enthusiasts to use on their restoration or modification projects, as well as some of the best Mustang accessories to enhance your favorite muscle car. Everything from key chains and exhaust kits to suspension systems and T-shirts. If it's anything Ford Mustang, think CJ Pony Parts first!

Product Reviews

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Good product, easy to use and does the job. Looks good too
LOUIE September 16, 2014
Watch your paint
Left these mats on the fenders for a few days and they attacked the paint.
Chad May 24, 2012
Mustang Fender cover /protector
Awesome looking and it protects...win, win!!
Nick Wilson March 9, 2012
Great Value
For the money you pay it is a wonderful value. The mats protect and keep tools from slipping. They also make a comfy kneel pad in a pinch. The graphic looks good and the mat seems durable.
Ryan March 9, 2012
Awesome fender cover
Nothing not to like, as it protects while you work and looks good all the time! Very nice piece for sure.
Ken Vaughan March 8, 2012
Mustang fendor cover
Bought this cover to help keep my Mustang flawless while doing my tune ups and adjustments. Love the way it keeps tools in place. Great addition to my garage tooling and accessories.
Mike B. March 8, 2012
Great fender covers
My wife bought two of these for my 1966 Mustang. They are fantastic, won't slide, no worry of damaging the fender and paint. Well worth the money!!
Terry November 8, 2011
Mustang fender cover
I bought this fender cover when I ordered my intake. It worked great, thick, gripy and soft. Plus it looks good laid out in the truck when not in use. Buying another one for my wife's 2004 convertible. I recommend it.
Sean March 25, 2011
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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: We're here with our Fender Gripper fender covers. The Fender Gripper is made of a durable rubber material that won't slide around on your fender. It's soft enough that it won't damage your paint, yet heavy duty enough for daily use. The Fender Grippers are made in the USA and are Ford licensed. They're available with your choice of the Mustang logo, the blue Ford oval, the Flaming Pony, Boss 302, or Mach I. A good fender cover is a must have when working on your Mustang and they also make a great gift.