Eastwood 2K High Gloss Clear 12Oz. Aerosol Can

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Eastwood 12 Ounce Aerosol Can of 2K High Gloss Clear.

Give your freshly painted parts a gorgeous, high-gloss clear coat finish with Eastwood's 2K Aero-Spray Clear Coat!

Eastwood's 2K Aero-Spray Clear Coat is the most durable aerosol clear available.

Eastwood is the leader in automotive tools and supplies. With that type of experience they have designed a truly innovative nozzle and valve, combined with its two internal chambers, the right ratio is mixed every time when you press the nozzle. The unique nozzle and valve technology sprays like a professional paint gun with a broader spray pattern than most standard paint cans and with no mess to clean up.

- High-gloss finish
- Two component coating without the paint gun
- Sprays like a gun with a broader pattern

Tech Tip: Before activating your new can, shake vigorously for 2 minutes. Take the red button from the cap and turn the can by 180 and attach the button to pin on the bottom of the can. Place the can on firm ground upside down. Press the red button with the ball of your hand until stop is reached. After activating, shake the can vigorously for 2 more minutes.

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good stuff!
I would definitely recommend this clear coat. I'm currently painting the entirety of my 68 mustang using this clear coat. I would suggest following the directions of shaking the can first for 2 minutes, puncture the bottom pin with the red cap and shaking for another 2 minutes prior to any use. I would also add that if you have some tape, such as painters tape, to tape across the bottom and half way up the can to hold the red cap at the bottom all the way in. If you do this it should ensure you get a full mix and the interior chamber doesn't closed due to the pressure inside the can. of course, this is my speculation but prior to this taping method when the can was close to empty and I again depressed the button on the bottom of the can I got more out of the can.
BRIAN January 27, 2014
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