Procar Seat Fixed Back Drifter

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Procar Drifter Fixed Back Seat.

Procar's Drifter Seat is perfect for someone looking for a performance bucket seat. The seat comes in one size and offers a comfortable and snug fit for many including those of a larger size. Constructed from fiberglass, the bucket seat weighs just 22 pounds which is a great weight reduction from the factory seats. The Procar Drifter Seat is capable of accommodating a 5-point harness for serious racers.

If you are looking for a great aftermarket seat, the Procar Drifter Fixed Back Seat fits the bill. As the name of the seat implies, the Drifter is meant to keep you firmly planted and would be a great addition to a drift car. This seat is great for any type of driving that requires you to be tightly strapped in. Side mounts utilize brackets that mount directly to your vehicle specific seat track. Install your favorite 5-point harness to compliment the seat and achieve the race car experience you've been looking for.

- Height: 38-1/4"
- Depth: 22"
- Shoulder width: 24-1/2"
- Kidney width: 12-1/4"
- Hip width: 14-1/4"
- Thigh width: 20-3/4"

The Procar Drifter Seat provides fantastic lateral support with well-defined thigh and kidney bolsters that allow both the driver and passenger to remain in the optimal seating position. Look no further than the Procar Drifter Seat when trying to find a performance bucket seat at a budget cost.

Available in black vinyl or velour with your choice of three different color options.

*Requires Procar's seat track or seat adapter.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

There are many reasons why somebody would consider an after-market seat for their Mustang. Some people like the look of an after-market seat, others feel that an after-market seat's going to be a lot more comfortable than their factory seat. In the case for a '96 Cobra, we're trying to as fast as possible without a lot modifications. We're looking to save weight. At the same time, it's still a street car so we need something comfortable as well. The Procar Drifter is the perfect combination.

The Drifter is a fixed mount, fiberglass, bucket seat. Heavily bolstered though, plus it's heavily padded making it comfortable for daily use. Design if you use with the five point harness and included a fixed mount as well as sliders for installation. Brackets are available to fit almost any vehicle you want to install it in.

There's two way you can install the Drifter. It comes with brackets that mount to the side of the seats you could bolt right to your floor. If you go that route, you're only talking 22 lbs. per seat which is a huge weight savings. In our case, we wanted the seats to be adjustable, so we picked up the optional sliders from Procar. Even with the sliders, the fully assembled seat only weighs 33 lbs. To give you an idea of the factory seats in your Mustang. If you have a power driver seat and a manual passenger seat, you're between 110 and 115 lbs. depending on model. It's a nice weight savings going with the Procar Drifter.

The Drifter comes with these side mount brackets here as well as this lower bracket you see here which is the sliders themselves. The only thing you have to purchase is the base bracket for whatever year Mustang you're working on. These brackets here are going to fit your '78 through '98 model, including our '96 Cobra. You see there's a lot of adjustment as well. You have three different height adjustments on the seat itself, as well as, three different height adjustments on the bracket to get the seat at the perfect height.

The seats are going to install on your Mustang using your factory bolts. One issue we did run into, we wanted to see on the lowest setting that we showed you using these bars here. First to clear the floor, we did have to cut the bottom of it off to get on the lowest setting. Using the middle or the highest, you won't have this issue, only on the lowest.

The Procar Drifter seats were the perfect choice for the Cobra. They're comfortable, yet supportive, and best of all, they're over 50 lbs. lighter than our factory seats. Installation should probably take you around an hour. You should be back on the road in no time.
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